This is how to prepare Juicy Roasted Chicken!

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477 total views, 3 views today BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,NAIROBI,16TH SEPT 2017-Many people would rather walk straight into that restaurant and order that juicy looking chicken. What they don’t know is that they can bake their own in the comfort   of their homes using very simple and affordable ingredients. We will show you just how easy it is […]


Find out the best way to cook Broccoli!

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504 total views, 1 views today BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,NAIROBI,18TH AUG 2017-Broccoli is one of the best type of vegetables with immense benefits to the body.Nutritionists world over have recommended that one should use it as part of their main dishes two to three time a week  due to its values on the body. But despite these values […]


The last opinion polls indicate Odinga and Uhuru are neck to neck

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328 total views, no views today BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,NAIROBI,1ST AUG 2017-The last two opinion polls from different research firms released  on Tuesday 1st AUG just a week to the elections indicate that  National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, and  Jubilee’s Uhuru Kenyatta  are neck to neck .However  the infotrak poll  puts Odinga  a head […]


Basic facts about Cholera and how to stay safe!

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318 total views, no views today BY UPESINEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,26TH JUNE,2017-The risk for cholera is very low for people visiting areas with epidemic cholera. When simple precautions are observed, contracting the disease is unlikely. All people (visitors or residents) in areas where cholera is occurring or has occurred should be aware of the basic cholera facts and […]


Want to get over a break up?,This is how.

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316 total views, no views today BY UPESINEWS LIFESTYLE TEAM,NAIROBI,24TH JUNE,2017-Every successful marriages in today’s    world  have their genesis in relationships. However it  is never easy for a relationship to overcome the hurdles that come along whenever two people of the  adults of opposite sex decide to walk together. In fact   many  relationship coaches […]


Want to keep ovarian cancer at bay,this is how.

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361 total views, 1 views today BY  UPESINEWS TEAM,NAIROBI,17TH JUNE 2017-One of the most feared modern diseases that affect Women  in today’s world is  ovarian cancer.This is because  chances of one recovering and leading a normal productive life including getting children is almost nil once one contracts it. Few cases of patients who have gotten the disease […]


Find out the simple,safe and sure way to keep your Skin healthy and smooth and avoid wrinkles

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235 total views, 1 views today BY UPESINEWS LIFESTYLE TEAM,23RD DEC 2016-In a world where many environmental changes  come with numerous health hazards which greatly harm the skin,it is advisable that one takes time to look after their skin to ensure it is healthy,smooth and without wrinkles. In modern  times where one hardly have time to look  […]


Vogue says cleavage is now out of fashion and women are having none of it

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298 total views, no views today Vogue is taking the term “fashion bible” far too literally. The British version of the magazine has featured an article in its December issue on the “debate” (was there one?) about the end of cleavage. “Whatever happened to the cleavage?” they asked under the story by Kathleen Baird-Murray with the headline, “Desperately Seeking Cleavage”. They also […]