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This is why IEBC’S CEO Ezra Chiloba has become a dear to many Kenyan Women

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1,029 total views, 20 views today BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,11TH AUG 2017-The busy schedule on the shoulders of IEBC’s  Ezra Chiloba   at this critical moment as the country awaits the announcement oh who is the winner of presidential votes has provided a platform  for Some women to express their desire to be close to Chiloba.The C.E.O   has […]

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Wife to Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz Zari Hassan has lost her mother.

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470 total views, 7 views today BY UPESINEWS TEAM,NAIROBI,20TH JULY 2017-Zari hassan who is also the wife to Famous Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz has lost her mother. The late Halima Hassan passed on Thursday morning after succumbing to heart-related complications at a Kampala hospital where she was being treated since June this year. Ugandan Socialite cum business […]

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They are beautiful and confident,have made a mark in society check out who are aspiring women candidates in the August 8 elections

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1,209 total views, 30 views today   BY UPESI NEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,15TH JULY 2017-They have been their made a mark  in society and are still not yet through.They are perceived beautiful and smart.UpesiNews.co.ke details a list of your women representative for the August 8elexctions.We look at what are their chances and just what makes them stand out. Murang’a […]

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Find out why NTV is soon going to be Willis Raburu’s new home

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444 total views, 6 views today BY UPESINEWS TEAM,NAIROBI,13TH JULY 2017-The host of the most promising and rapidly growing  magazine entertainment show on Citizen TV 10 over 10  Willis Raburu  is reportedly on his way to NTV after  resigning from Citizen TV.UPESINEWS.CO.KE has established that Raburu will be a new face on NTV in few days time. […]

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Celebrated nollyhood actors ,Ibu , Tonto Dikeh In Nairobi-PHOTOS

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739 total views, 16 views today BY UPESINEWS TEAM,7TH JULY 2017-They are   loved on television screens world over  and especially in African for having graced screens in the living rooms for decades now.Nothing can be far from truth that Nollywood  actors have a place in many Kenyans hearts today. While many only have faith to cling on […]

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The Machachari star Sophia is the new celebrity mother in Town

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466 total views, 6 views today  BY UPESINEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,30TH JUNE,2017-No any other time in the life of celebrated TV actor Sophia of Machachari TV show can bring much refreshing memories like this.this is after the actor real names Sharon Mwikali welcomed her second born child in style.The surprise got her fans unaware after  she made the announcement  […]

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Claire Mwaniki Aka “Nairobi’s Prettiest Gangster” laid to rest

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742 total views, 3 views today Claire Mwaniki was  laid to rest in  Muranga Thursday BY UPESINEWS REPORTER,18TH MAY 2017-Claire Mwaniki , known by many as “Nairobi’s Prettiest Gangster”  was on Thursday 18th MAY 2017  laid to rest  in  her home  in Murang’a – Kambirwa.This is  after police shot her down in Kayole  two weeks ago. upesinews.co.ke […]

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Police in Kayole gun down Nairobi’s most prettiest female gangster -photos

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1,014 total views, 18 views today BY UPESINEWS TEAM,10TH MAY,2017-One of  female gangsters in Nairobi  believed be the   prettiest has been  killed.upesinews.co.ke has learned  that the  gangster who is a mother of one,  and  wife  to  a fellow gangster was caught robbing members of the public in Kayole  She was shot in the face after exchanging fire […]

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This man jeff Koinange!!

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562 total views, 8 views today His eloquence  and master of English language will leave you longing for more of his   tales.Jeff Koiange is his name. He is a big name in Kenya and a role model to the upcoming journalists,those who are in colleges taking  journalism  courses will tell you when they finish they would want […]

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Find out how CHOREA UKABILA initiative is utilizing talents to better the society

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427 total views, 3 views today Chorea Ukabila Members /UPESINEWS BY EURIDICE NZIOKA/ISAYA BURUGU,NAIROBI,23RD APRIL 2017-”Whether we succeed or not is irrelevant,the most important thing to us is making our unknown known and that is Chorea Ukabila initiative.”. This is the underpinning statement that drives us. With its foundation in Nairobi the  initiative   is determined to […]

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Find out about the Sleeping Positions of Women and what they Reveal About Them

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354 total views, 1 views today   BY UPESINEWS LIFESTYLE REPORTER ,NAIROBI,20TH APRIL 2017-Your body posture and stance  can tell the world a lot about you, whether you realize it or not. When you’re awake, however, you’re at least somewhat in control of how you appear to the world. When you’re asleep, on the other hand, your […]

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The last journey for Emmanuel makori A.k.A Ayeyaa poapoa begins as funeral service is held

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471 total views, 4 views today   pallbearers carry the coffin carrying the remains of the late A.k.A Ayeyaa poapoa/upesinews BY NAMULONMGO PETER/JOHN WERU,19TH APRIL 2017-A somber mood engulfed P.C.E.A church Ongata Rongai Wednesday as the funeral service for the late actor Emmanuel Makori AK.A Ayeyaa Poapao was held.The service was attended by his colleagues whom they […]

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Kenyans mourn the untimely death of Top CHURCHILL SHOW comedian ‘Ayeiyaa Poapoa’

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517 total views, 16 views today The late Emanuel Makori aka Ayeiyaa poapoa/COURTESY BY JOHN WERU,NAIROBI,14TH APRIL 2017-Kenyans continue to mourn the untimely death of  Churchil show comedian Ayeiyaa poapoa who perished on Friday 14TH April 2017 through a vital road accident on Magadi road in Nairobi. The entertainment industry and in particular the Churchill Show  is  […]

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Kameme TV goes live!

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1,156 total views, 26 views today BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,NAIROBI,10TH APRIL 2017-The Gikuyu speaking community in Kenya have a very reason to celebrate after  the birth of the new gikuyu television channel in Kenya Kameme TV. Kameme TV  which is the station under the media max limited staple will be available on all free to air set top […]

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Bogus doctor jailed for 10 years after providing fatal buttock injections

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377 total views, 1 views today Oneal Ron Morris. © Miami Gardens Police Department / AFP BY AFP/UPESI NEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,29TH MARCH 2017-A fake cosmetic surgery doctor who injected toxic materials including super glue into a patient’s buttocks, causing catastrophic injuries, has been sentenced to 10 years in a US prison. Oneal Ron Morris, of Coconut Creek, Florida, accepted […]

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Jackline Mwende Proofs the abusive hubby wrong gives birth to a bouncing baby boy!

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388 total views, 1 views today Jackline Mwende after she was attacked and slashed by her ex husband/FILE BY UPESINEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,24TH MARCH 2017-After fruitless efforts to get a baby between Jackline Mwende and her ex husband  did not succeed  leading to a difficult marriage that ended tragically when Mwende’s limps were chopped off for allegedly the same […]

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Churchill show comes into sharp criticism as Daniel Ndambuki defends himself

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367 total views, 4 views today BY UPESINEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,6TH MARCH 2017-The man behind  Churchill Show  Daniel Ndambuki  aka Churchill has come out strong to defend himself   after his show  was pulled off air on Sunday, March 5, after it was termed by many including  kenya film classification board as  x-rated. The man behind Churchill  show Daniel […]

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Hey guys during this Valentine don’t try this!

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356 total views, 1 views today BY UPESI NEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,13TH FEB,2017-With only hours remaining before  the most celebrated day in the world among lovers VALENTINE is market upesinews has  found out that many are not leaving  anything to chance and are willing to spend the last penny they have to ensure that their loved ones really enjoy […]

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Wema Sepetu reveals more shocking details about drug trafficking case concerning her

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504 total views, 2 views today Bongo flava actress Wema Sepetu UPESI NEWS LIFESTYLE REPORTER,NAIROBI,6TH FEB,2017-Bongo flava actress  Wema Sepetu has revealed a rather shocking information concerning a case related to drug trafficking facing her.Speaking from the cell where she has been locked up since last weekend,Wema claimed that more people who are also involved in the […]

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Rodents goes claw to claw in the battle of titans have a look

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501 total views, 5 views today BY UPESI NEWS TEAM,NAIROBI,30TH JAN,2017-When it comes to fighting for what human beings will call their rights nothing is left for chance, the same can be said of animals considered insignificant albeit in human eyes as we found out these feisty squirrels were caught kung fur fighting in the grass.Take this […]

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South African gospel star Lundi Tyamara, dies at age 38

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353 total views, 3 views today South African gospel artist the late Lundi Tyamara BY UPESINEWS TEAM,NAIROBI,27TH JAN,2017-South African gospel star Lundi Tyamara, has died after a battle with stomach TB and a liver condition.His family confirmed that he died on Friday morning in Edenvale hospital in Johannesburg.The 38-year-old singer, loved for his energetic stage performances, had […]

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Meru residents treated to a free show as a man hangs dangerously on a helicopter

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391 total views, 2 views today The man hangs dangerously on helicopter carrying CORD leader Raila Odinga in meru. BY UPESI NEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,26TH JAN,2017-You remember that man in Bungoma who decided to hang on an helicopter that had transported the body of the late businessman Jacob Juma for burial last year? News was all over the place […]

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Paris Jackson: ‘My father was murdered’

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339 total views, 3 views today By BBC Michael Jackson’s only daughter, Paris, says she believes her father was murdered. In her first in-depth interview, Paris told Rolling Stone she was convinced Jackson’s 2009 death was “a setup”. The singer died from an overdose of the powerful anaesthetic propofol. His doctor Conrad Murray was later found guilty […]

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Big Names axed in the latest list of Nation Media Group employees shown the door

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371 total views, 3 views today Nation center in the NCBD which houses the NMG offices /FILE PHOTO  BY UPESI NEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI, 16TH JAN 2017-The ghost of laying off of employees in the media houses  across the country continue to haunt  some of the best known  talents in journalism professional. Upesinews.co.ke has established  that big names are […]

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How to Know if You Love Someone: Early Signs of a New Romance

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324 total views, 2 views today BY UPESI NEWS LIFE STYLE TEAM,13TH JAN,2017-Contrary to the movies, and your friends’ stories about their own relationships, sometimes love just… happens. Without ever realizing it. Sure, you find yourself liking someone, thinking they’re attractive, spending time with them, but the love part? That comes later, it grows over time, and […]

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369 total views, 3 views today     BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,NAIROBI,JAN 11TH,2017-Communication and Respect Communication is the key component in a successful marriage. Any communication breakdown can easily lead any relationship to crumble. How can a husband and a wife live happily together without communicating either verbally or emotionally? A good communication in marriage is based on […]

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Tupac’s ‘Hail Mary’ lyrics printed in church program in place of prayer

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293 total views, 9 views today A Catholic priest in Sri Lanka apologized after the lyrics to Tupac’s “Hail Mary” were mistakenly printed in the program for a Christmas service instead of the Catholic prayer of the same name. BY EURIDICE NZIOKA,NAIROBI, 27TH DECEMBER, 2016-A priest in Sri Lanka apologized after the program for one of the […]

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Prisoners burrow out of jail by removing loo

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499 total views, 2 views today BY EURIDICE NZIOKA, NAIROBI, 27TH DECEMBER, 2016– A manhunt is under way after six prisoners escaped from a US jail by removing lavatory and then bash through concrete before crawling to freedom through a hole. The inmates escaped the prison in Cocke County, Tennessee, early on Christmas morning. Bolts holding the […]

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Find out how polite president Kenyatta responded to verbal attack from Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo

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285 total views, 2 views today BY UPESI NEWS TEAM,NAIROBI,21ST DEC,2016-This world and especially this nation would be a better place to live and stay if everybody was like his excellence Uhuru Kenyatta .The head of state has demonstrated that their exist sober ways in which one can respond to insults and verbal attacks from an aggressor.Just […]

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394 total views, 8 views today BY UPESI NEWS TEAM,NAIROBI,20TH ,DEC,2016-After firing more than 50 employees Five months ago, Nation Media Group is at it again – In a press statement, more employees believed to be close to 30- will be shown the door  in  January 2017 Nation Media Group through a statement seen by UPESI NEWS […]

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Bishop Allan Kiuna pulls yet another surprise!

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349 total views, 3 views today BY UPESI NEWS LIFESTYLE TEAM,NAIROBI,14TH,DEC,2016-A flamboyant city Bishop who is known to lead a more than comfortable life  owing to his immense  favor from the almighty,  has pulled yet another surprise a part from a multi million residential house he owns in Nairobi. Bishop Allan Kiuna of Jubillee christian church in […]

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391 total views, 2 views today BY UPESI NEWS LIFESTYLE,DEC 10,2016-With  a lean pocket and with many financial needs which present themselves during times of festivities such as December holidays, long vacations and school holidays,Many parents and guardians finds it difficult to budget for the money at hand and get confused especially when they think of the […]