Public participation to be considered in implementation of CBC-President Ruto

Public participation to be considered in implementation of CBC-President Ruto

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,13TH SEPT,2022-The fate of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) now lies with a task force set to be launched next week by new President William Ruto who took over leadership on Tuesday.

Ruto said he will set up a Task Force to establish the viability of the program launched by his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta in 2018.

The program has been heavily criticised by stakeholders who accused Kenyatta’s administration of failing to involve them in its formulation.

The system was designed to replace 8-4-4.

“There is a robust conversation on education and in particular the implementation of the CBC curriculum. Public participation is critical in this matter and I will establish an education reform task force which will be launched in the following weeks,” President Ruto said, breathing fresh air into the sector that has witnessed numerous changes in the past years when he served as Deputy President under Kenyatta.

“We are alive to the anxiety of parents particularly on the twin transition of the last 8-4-4 class and the first CBC class in January next year. I assure all that they will be a solution to the matter before then,” the President said.

Ruto was declared winner on August 15, after defeating long-time Opposition leader Raila Odinga who later petitioned the win in the Supreme Court where the case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Ruto will now go down in Kenya’s history as the first Deputy President to clinch the. Presidency in his first trial.

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