Crime Watch: Man Killed By Thugs While Defending Girlfriend In Ruiru,Kiambu

Crime Watch: Man Killed By Thugs While Defending Girlfriend In Ruiru,Kiambu

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,11TH SEPT,2022-A 35-year-old man was on Sunday murdered while trying to save his girlfriend from three armed thugs who were ransacking her car.

The early Sunday morning incident in Ruiru’s Winners apartments took place after the man and his girlfriend were heading home after enjoying their evening at Ashaki grill in Thome Estate.

Unknown to them, they were being trailed by three assailants who confronted them when they arrived at their apartment in two separate vehicles at around 4:30 am.

Speaking to DCI detectives about the incident, the apartment’s guard Samuel Wafula noted that Winfred was the first one to enter the gate of Winners apartments followed by Sigei who was driving a salon car.

“After the vehicles had gone past the main gate, three men forced their way inside, went straight to Winfred’s vehicle and began ransacking it,” Wafula told detectives.

“As the deceased was parking his vehicle, he saw the thugs confronting Winfred and went to her aid, wielding a rungu,” he added.

It was then that the armed thugs opened fire and shot the man on his abdomen before fleeing the scene, but the gunshot had already attracted the attention of police officers who were on patrol around the scene of the crime.

The deceased was rushed to RFH hospital in Ruiru by his neighbors who quickly responded after hearing the commotion.

It was while undergoing treatment at RFH hospital that Sigei succumbed to the gunshot injuries on his abdomen.

Upon visiting the scene, Crime scene detectives based at Thika recovered two spent cartridges of 9mm caliber.

“Investigations into the early morning murder have since been launched and detectives are following crucial leads to unravel the suspects behind the murder most foul,” stated the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

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