Our rallies scheduled for  Tononoka, Nyayo Stadium will proceed-DP Ruto

Our rallies scheduled for Tononoka, Nyayo Stadium will proceed-DP Ruto

BY  JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI, 4TH AUG 2022-Deputy President William Ruto has lamented what he terms as deliberate effort to lock out the Kenya Kwanza camp from public grounds as political campaigns enter the homestretch. 

Speaking to the media from his Karen residence on Thursday, DP Ruto insisted the rallies would go on, inspite of the challenges.

According to DP Ruto, who claims his political competitors are behind the move, the decision to lock out the camp from their rally at the Bukhungu stadium last weekend was an exercise in futility.

The DP said that despite being locked out of the stadium, the Kenya Kwanza camp went on to stage a mammoth rally outside the stadium. He claims the turnout was far bigger than if they had been able to access the grounds.

“There is an attempt by our competitors to lock us out of venues, they locked us out of Bulhungu we had it anyway,” DP Ruto said.

During the address, the DP said would still attend the Tononoka Grounds rally despite fears of a looming clash with the police.

According to DP Ruto, Kenya Kwanza has reportedly been locked out the grounds ahead of their rally on account of the president’s visit in the region.

“Today we are to have a meeting at Tononoka grounds at 2pm some people are trying to use the police to stop us, they are giving ridiculous excuses that the president is in Msa this excuses are ridiculous,” DP Ruto added.

At the same time, he claimed there was yet another attempt to lock out the Kenya Kwanza camp from a grand rally at the Nyayo Stadium.

“It doesn’t matter how many places they lock us out of,” he added.

“We have a contract with Nyayo the court has said we have the meeting in Nyayo we I’ll have that meeting or they lock us out we will still have that meeting in Nyayo,”

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