‘Pray For Us, Our Families!’ Chebukati Appeals To Kenyans

‘Pray For Us, Our Families!’ Chebukati Appeals To Kenyans

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,3RD AUG,2022-With only five days to the General Election, Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)  Chairman Wafula Chebukati has called on Kenyans to pray for the commission to ‘keep going’.

Speaking during a prayer meeting with members of the clergy on Wednesday, Chebukati noted that the commission will be playing a vital role in the voting exercise and it will not be a walk in the park for his team.

“We have walked a long journey but with your prayers these five days…for me they look very long…but I believe with your prayers we shall keep going,” said Chebukati.

“Pray for the commission to remain strong and that the decision we make are full of wisdom and acceptable to all. Please pray for the staff of the IEBC and those involved in the voting exercise, they go through alot of harassment. To me they are the real heroes when they perform their duties.”

In the same light, the IEBC boss called on Kenyans to pray for families of the commission’s agents.

Chebukati said their families, despite their presence being behind the curtains, are most essential to them at such times to offer support and solace.

“Behind the scenes for all of us are our families, the ones who suffer silently, you may not know but our wives, children and spouses need prayers because so that they can stand with us in this journey,” Chebukati said.

He further lauded the church for the noble move of unifying the nation via prayer noting that it is a key role in encouraging dissatisfied candidates to use the legal frameworks provided and not cause havoc if they fail to win in the polls.

“The role of the church is to encourage them to use the mechanism available that is dispute resolution through petitions as opposed to inciting the citizens to violence or other forms of protests,” noted Chebukati noting that there will be 16,000 candidates competing for 1,882 seats in the election.

Chebukati assured that the commission has ironed out all pending matters that were put to question regarding the credibility of the voting exercise.

He affirmed that the commission is committed to deliver a seamless process in the polls.

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