DP Ruto links leaflet threats to Uhuru’s office

DP Ruto links leaflet threats to Uhuru’s office

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,1ST AUG,2022-Deputy President William Ruto now claims that leaflets coercing people to support a particular faction were distributed by people from the office of the President.

Speaking in Eldoret on Monday, the DP said that he knows the people behind the distribution of the leaflets.

“Those who are sponsoring evil, those who are sponsoring pamphlets, we know you,” Ruto said.

He called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to warn certain individuals at his office to desist from causing unrest in the country.

“The DCI tried to bring issues of post-election violence, he was told off by the president. I want to tell my friend Mr President, the same way you told off (DCI George) Kinoti when he started that nonsense of post-election violence please tell off the characters at the office of the president who are now printing pamphlets to cause disharmony in the Republic of Kenya, they need to stop because they are not about to succeed.”

The DP said the individuals whose names he did not reveal will be sent home if he is elected president on August 9.

On Sunday, Interior PS Karanja Kibicho said they are privy to threats being pushed by a section of people to coerce people to support a particular faction.

He warned that those behind such threats will be brought to book even as he divulged that a multi-agency team has already been dispatched to handle the matter.

“Elections are won through persuasion, not coercion or fearmongering. To our dismay, we’re aware of leaflets warnings the electorate of dire consequences should they fail to vote for certain candidates on August 9,” he tweeted.

Even though the PS did not divulge the exact areas affected, the Star came across images of posters pinned on trees containing inciting writings.

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