Journalism students at Maasai Mara university to benefit as the premier institution signs an M.O.U with Radio Osotua

Journalism students at Maasai Mara university to benefit as the premier institution signs an M.O.U with Radio Osotua

BY JOAN WANJIKU,/CORRESPONDENT,NAROK,25TH JULY,2022-Students pursuing Journalism and art related courses at the Maasai Mara university in Narok have a very reason to smile after the institution signed a memorandum of understanding  with Catholic diocese of Ngong owned  Radio Osotua to partner on various aspects.

In the memorandum signed between the university’s vice chancellor professor Joseph Chacha and The catholic diocese of Ngong communications director Rev.Fr. Mwangi on Monday July 25,2022, the two institutions will partner in among other areas exchange of information and expertise, Internship opportunities from Radio Osotua, training opportunities.

Catholic diocese of Ngong communications director Fr Francis Mwangi on the left and Maasai Mara university vice chancellor Prof.Joseph Chacha during the M.O.U signing on July 25,2022/UPESINEWS

On the other hand, Radio Osotua will get opportunity to market courses offered at Masai Mara university, get experts to feature on shows from the institution as well as partnering whenever there is a social corporates responsibility. Speaking during the signing ceremony which took place at his office, Maasai Mara university vice chancellor Professor Joseph Chacha commended the partnership saying it will go along way to assist the two institutions in attaining their set objectives. ”This is a golden opportunity for both  Radio Osotua on one hand and Maasai Mara university on the other, since it comes at a time when our university is focusing on establishing a robust film production unit which will see students get the best training from the  university in that area and media training as whole  going foward”. He said.

On his part, catholic diocese of Ngong Communications director  Fr Francis Mwangi, expressed his joy over the signing of the MOU noting that for along time Radio Oostua had partnered with the university in many fields and mainly providing attachment opportunities to journalism students from the institution but with the formal signing of this agreement ,things would be taken to another level with areas of partnering set to increase. ”We are pleased at this very important milestone which will see radio osotua benefit especially on the aspects of marketing this university’s programs, as you area aware, radio Osotua has already been doing a lot towards this relationship and we will do even more”. He added.

Father Mwangi also said the Bishop of the diocese Rev.Bishop John Oballa was aware of the signing of the M.O.U and fully supports it and he was happy that Radio Osotua and Maasai Mara university had decided to better the already existing relationship. He added that the Bishop was praying for the institution to succeed even more.

Their sentiments were echoed by Maasai Mara university’s director of public relations and communication Mr Ben Reso who said that he had been looking forward to signing of the MOU between the two institutions since he was confident it would open doors of opportunities  for both parties.

Radio Osotua broadcasts from Narok Town on Frequency 89.0FM offering a rich menu of  edge cutting shows,news and information aimed at transforming the community through holistic radio content.


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