IEBC rejects party nomination lists, orders review within 7 days

IEBC rejects party nomination lists, orders review within 7 days

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI, 15TH JULY,2022-The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has rejected 79 party lists of nomination of candidates by political parties for non-compliance with the law.

In a statement, the Commission says it received 70 party lists as at 25th June and proceeded to review them to ensure compliance.

“None of the submitted 79 party lists were compliant and stand rejected for various reasons documented for each respective party,” the Commission says.

IEBC maintains that the party lists must be in line with the law and the nomination rules of the respective party.

According to guidelines published by IEBC earlier in the year, each party list must reflect the regional and ethnic diversity of the people of Kenya but the criteria is not applicable in the case of party lists for county assembly seats.

The nominees on the lists must be members of the party nominating them and must be registered voters.

At the same time, the party list shall not contain a name of a candidate nominated for an election in any of the single majority electoral constituencies, and must be signed by the authorized officials of the political party submitting the party list.

A political party submitting a party list shall submit a declaration to that effect that the party has complied with its party nomination rules for nomination of party lists.

“IEBC may reject a nominee submitted by a political party for any elective post if that nominee is not qualified. The rejection of a nominee shall not invalidate the entire list submitted. After rejecting a nominee, the Commission shall inform the party and request the party to submit another name within such time as the Commission shall determine.”

The Commission has now advised political parties to review their lists within 7 days and resubmit them before 22nd July 2022. Failure to comply with the same will result in total rejection of the list.

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