A vihiga man angers Ruto  prompting a lecture from the DP over  ‘disrespect’

A vihiga man angers Ruto prompting a lecture from the DP over ‘disrespect’

BY NEWSDESK,NAIROBI,13TH JULY 2022-Deputy President William Ruto was on Wednesday forced to halt his speech and scold a man alleged to have disrespected him at a rally in Vihiga county.

Trouble started after rival groups, pitting ANC Vihiga governor candidate Alfred Agoi on one hand against UDA Sabatia MP aspirant Clement Sloya on the other, began fighting each other.

It is while calming the seemingly agitated groups that the DP lost his cool and began lecturing the man who was within the crowd.

“Tuwe na heshima. Kama kuna mtu ametumwa hapa kuja kuharibu mkutano museme sahii mapema ama muondoke kwa hii mkutano. Mnataka Sloya aondoke? Basi nyamazane atapata nafasi aongee.

“Wewe kijana wacha kunijibu, unanijibu kama nani? Kama umeleta kisirani kwa hii mkutano utoke. Huwezi kuja hapa kuharibu mkutano.”

Loosely translates to: “Let us have respect. If anyone has been sent here to cause chaos at this meeting you better say or you all leave this meeting. Do you want Sloya to leave? Keep quiet because he will get the chance to speak”.

“You young man, stop answering me. You are answering me as who? If you want to cause trouble in this meeting you better leave. You can’t come here and disrupt our meeting.”


Ruto had warned a section of the rowdy crowd to maintain order and respect the politicians who had accompanied him to the rally.

The DP noted that he would not allow the crowd to disrupt the gathering, but instead opt for a more affirmative approach to deal with the rowdy supporters.

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