Karua says  good governance to be given centre stage if Azimio  wins,  leaders to be held to account

Karua says good governance to be given centre stage if Azimio wins, leaders to be held to account

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,6TH JULY,2022-Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Deputy Presidential candidate Martha Karua has asked Kenyans to trust her and his principal Raila Odinga to instil discipline in day to day running of government business.

Under Azimio, Karua said Kenyans will enjoy good governance and better leadership even as she undertook to ensure all resources will be safeguarded and put into good use.

She says, if elected, a Raila-Karua administration will deal a decisive blow to runaway graft, especially in public spheres.

“The Ksh. 800Billion or so that is lost annually is an estimate. I believe it is more because we lose through corruption, outright theft and abuse of these resources.” she said

Speaking during a meeting with the teaching fraternity Wednesday morning in Nairobi, Karua decried what she described as a brazen ‘looting of our country’ but promised a complete about-turn as soon as Azimio takes charge after the August 9, 2022, polls.

“We have almost with zeal been destroying our country but it is still standing up, that should tell you that this is a strong country which has resources which if well managed each sector will be well looked after,” she said

Karua acknowledged that while the country has debts, and contrary to what has been said, she insists that the same debts are not a deterrence to Kenya’s development aspirations.

“If we seal the loopholes, we will not only pay the debts, but we will also develop and meet the needs of the various sectors including teachers,” she said

“We will also renegotiate with our lenders to restructure, we cannot just be paying debt, we have to pay debt and continue to progress. A combined effort, a multi-pronged approach to get us where we are going,” she added

She promised teachers a hands-on government ready to consult and address issues deemed pertinent to key sectors of the country’s economy.

“I undertake to be your point of reference in the Azimio. If anything s not moving as fast as it should, I will be ready to engage you. After all my role is to assist y principal,” she told the teachers

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