Agano party’s presidential candidate David Mwaure unveils manifesto ahead of August polls

Agano party’s presidential candidate David Mwaure unveils manifesto ahead of August polls

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,4TH JULY 2022-Agano Party presidential candidate David Mwaure Waihiga on Monday launched his manifesto detailing the plans he has should Kenyans elect him to the country’s top seat come August 9. 

Dubbed ‘Badilisha’, English for ‘Change’, Agano’s manifesto makes the proposition of starting from a clean slate and is anchored on 12 Aganos (pledges).

These are: Agano to the constitution, the Family, Women, Youth, Persons Living with Disability, County Governments, Workers, Business Owners, the Economy, Religious Institutions, the Environment, as well as Agano to the International Community

Should he and his running mate, Ruth Mutua, ascend to power in August, David Mwaure has pledged to increase revenue allocation to counties to 40%, designate 10% of the 40% to go directly to the Village councils.

Mr. Mwaure intends to convene a taskforce to study the possibilities of dissolving Nairobi County after this election so that post-2027, Nairobi governor be an appointee of the president after elections and an automatic member of the cabinet.

In his plan for Kenyan workers, he has pledged a general waiver of 50% PAYE, as well as a conducive environment for the private sector, individuals, and others to set up businesses in a bid to boost entrepreneurship.

The biting economic state is also in his manifesto, and the spirant plans to move the Asset Recovery Agency to the Presidency, devolve budgeting to the Village Councils as opposed to the Treasury or State House Budget office, and go after the ‘big fish’ of corruption and ensure they are subjected to the due process of the law.

Mwaure further intends to create a legal framework that will ensure Public Sector Audit General reports are prima facie evidence in abuse of office and misappropriation of funds.

“We will ensure the Ksh. 15 trillion stolen and stashed abroad is returned to Kenya in consultation with all the concerned countries where these funds are,” promised Mr. Mwaure.

His government will also limit the total loan repayments by the government to Ksh.1 trillion.

“This will immediately release Kshs.350B to support government programs. We will urgently call for a meeting with our lenders to arrive at a fresh repayment plan to ensure the country does not fall into debt distress,” he said.

Additionally, all contracts with foreign entities starting with SGR, Nairobi Expressway, Mombasa, Lamu, Naivasha and Kisumu ports will be made public under his administration.

The Agano government has also promised to create an office for the Registrar of Families and use the data collected for the Huduma Number to refocus government planning to be family-centred.

Mr. Mwaure will ensure that each registered family has at least one person who is employed and roll out the Universal Healthcare Coverage program based on disease and demography.

Priority will be given to cancer, accident victims and all forms of medical/non-elective surgery.

He has further promised to waive medical bills for any person who dies in a government hospital.

Furthermore, old persons above 70 years will get access to free medical services.

In a bid to enhance the security of the country, Mr. Mwaure’s administration intends to equip the security sector and make it “a place of pride to serve.”

They also will introduce community policing starting from the village council level.

Similarly, Mr. Mwaure has promised to implement the 2/3 gender rule in all appointive positions and enhance access to government procurement opportunities (AGPO) reservation to youth, women and people living with disability quota to 40 percent.

Under their pledge to business owners, his administration has promised to verify all County and National government pending bills and convert them to government bonds.

“Local content bill will be enforced to ensure that all tenders below Ksh. 1 billion are exclusively awarded to local companies,” said Mwaure.

Other items in the manifesto are:

  • Enhance AGPO reservation limit from the current 30% to a high of 50%.
  • Do away with the need for AGPO certificate, as well as Tax Compliance Certificates for government tender application and empower all government agencies to make payments after deducting all taxes applicable.
  • Waive all standing tax penalties upon assuming office.
  • Employ all clergy of registered churches as alternative dispute resolution officers in the same way as Kadhis.
  • Work towards a constitutional amendment to separate religion from state or cure the “unequal treatment of religions by the 2010 constitution.”
  • Ensure KCCB/ NCCK/EAK/OAIC-K are members of the Nairobi Centre for Arbitration and designated chairs of this centre.
  • All clergy from registered churches to be trained in alternative dispute resolution as government officers.
  • Introduce a pollution tax on users and manufacturers of any type of plastic item.
  • Reserve garbage collection to companies owned by the youth groups in villages appointed by village councils.
  • KPLC to divest to distributing off-grid solutions like Solar & Wind turbines.
  • Respect and defend the constitution of Kenya 2010 and guard against attempts to mutilate it though un-procedural amendments.
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