Sonko comes to the help of Conjestina Achieng once more after a photo of her in a sorry state circulated online

Sonko comes to the help of Conjestina Achieng once more after a photo of her in a sorry state circulated online

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,2ND NAIROBI,2022-Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has committed to continue helping veteran boxer Conjestina  Achieng following a heartbreaking photo of her current condition that went viral this week.

Sonko, taking to social media on Saturday, said he had dispatched one of his vehicles to Conjestina’s rural home to help transport her to Mombasa for prayers.

He said that, following consultations within the family, they had resolved to have Conje – as she was popularly known – now consider prayers after past rehabilitation efforts hit a brick wall.

“I’ve singlehandedly helped her before, taken her to various hospitals & rehab centers including Nairobi County rehabilitation center in Parklands, Diani Beach among others where she gets full recovery and discharged than when she gets back to shags after a while gets worse again,” Sonko stated.

“However despite my busy court schedule and tribulations, I have decided to continue helping her including taking her to Mtumishi prophetess Mary Kagendo for prayers. I am just now dispatching a car with my team to Siaya to facilitate her movement and I’m also humbly appealing to any well-wisher who’s willing to help.”

According to the ex-governor, Conjestina’s son Charlton Otieno reached out to him requesting for his help as he decried financial constraints in the family.

“I want to thank you for all that you have done to Conje…we have been advised to take her for prayers and we believe it is going to work,” read a WhatsApp message from Charlton to Sonko, in screenshots posted by the politician.

Charlton added: “We have someone in mind but we are going through financial constraints, kindly support.”

As he appealed to well-wishers to help in supporting the family, Sonko also took a swipe at fellow politicians in the country accusing them of neglecting the boxing great.

“I’m truly saddened by this WhatsApp message from Conjestina’s son. Our leaders are busy campaigning while one of our shujaas who once made this country proud is currently languishing in poverty and needs help due to her ill health,” he stated.

Conjestina was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2011.

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