Legalizing marijuana and rearing of snakes highlights the ten point Wajackoya’s manifesto

Legalizing marijuana and rearing of snakes highlights the ten point Wajackoya’s manifesto

  1. We will Legalize Bangi!
  1. 1 acre of Bangi can earn you $78,000 or Shs.8 million per harvest. The whole of Nyeri county is 583,000 acres. This means that if we grew Bangi in Nyeri countyNyeri residents will earn $45 Billion or Shs.4.6 trillion per harvest.
  1. And because Bangi is harvested twice a year, it means Nyeri residents will earn $92 Billion or Shs.9.2 trillion every YEAR. This means if we grow bangi for export, Nyeri in one year will earn the equivalent of Ethiopia’s GDP.
  1.  5 Things Bangi can do for Kenya:
  1. If we grew Bangi in Nyeri alone in one year, we can pay Kenya’s entire debt portfolio.
  • If we can grow Bangi in Nyeri alone, each Kenyan could get a dividend cheque of Shs.200,000 every year from the sale of Bangi
  • If we grew Bangi in Nyeri alone, we would build 2 expressways in each county in Kenya.
  • If we grew Bangi in Nyeri alone, Kenya could buy Bill Gates and Microsoft in just 2 years.
  • If we grew bangi in Nyeri alone, Kenya will have 10% of IMF total cash reserves. In short we will NEVER have to Borrow a single coin in future.
  1. Mt. Kenya was made wealthy by two cash crops-coffee and tea. In fact Kikuyus got their economic head-start head start in 1923 when they were allowed to grow coffee and tea. Before 1923, it was illegal for any indigenous Kenyan to grow both crops. Bangi is our next cash crop. It grows wildly in Mt.Kenya. Question is, if we required the permission of mzungus who have NOW legalized bangi, why shouldn’t we LEGALIZE?
  • We will rare snakes! If we did snake farming Kenya, each venomous snake farmer will earn an average of $6,000 or Shs.600,000 per vial of anti-venom. For example a cobra farmer will make $6,300 from a vial of cobra anti venom. If we harvest Black mamba anti-venom a Kenyan farmer will make $5,300 per vial.
  • We will Export Dog Meat! A kilogram of Dog Meat costs 6 times more than the price of a kilogram of Goat Meat. Kenya exports Beef, goat and lamb to the Middle East. For instance Each Kg of goat costs an average of Shs.400 per Kilogram. But if we export dog meat we will earn Shs.2,400 per kilogram.
  • We will Hang The Corrupt! Anyone caught or found guilty of stealing public money will be hang in public. No more Golden berg, No more Anglo Leasing and No more Kimwarer and Arror!
  • We will shut down SGR! We will shut down symbols of Chinese colonization. All Chinese statues along the route will be brought down. We will build our own railway systems with our own money.
  • We will work for 4 days! Every Kenyan will work for 4 days only.Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be holidays. Each Kenyan will be paid every two weeks. And Kenya will be a 24-hour economy!
  • We will suspend the constitution! Parts of the constitution that do not work will be suspended. We will ask the people what they want
  • We will shift the Capital city to Isiolo! Isiolo is the center of Kenya. Making Isiolo Kenya’s administrative center is the same as making Canberra Australia’s capital.  We will move the capital city from Nairobi to Isiolo
  • We will Create 8 States!

We will introduce 8 regional states. Each will have a federal government that will give every community power to make their own decisions

  1. We will Deport Idle Foreigners!

We will deport foreign idlers who have taken over Kenyan jobs

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