Mwaure castigates  Wakackoya over ‘disrespectful’ remarks toward members of the clergy

Mwaure castigates Wakackoya over ‘disrespectful’ remarks toward members of the clergy

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,22ND JUNE,2022-Agano Party presidential candidate David Mwaure Waihiga has castigated his Roots Party counterpart George Wajackoyah’s recent sentiments directed at the members of the clergy.

Mwaure is accusing Wajackoyah of exhibiting a ‘disrespectful and insulting attitude against the church, and especially the Catholic Church.’

While defending himself against a section of church leaders for being opposed to his bid due to his stance on Marijuana, the Roots party candidate claimed that some members of the clergy have no moral authority to criticize him. In fact, he went ahead to accuse them of misinterpreting the Bible.

“They are here trying to incite Kenyans. They have not read our manifesto. They only went straight into the smoking marijuana. Tell those men of God that it is time they realise that Kenya doesn’t belong to them,” Wajackoyah said.

These sentiments according to Mwaure shows that Wajackoya will have no respect and regard for about 80pc of Kenyans who attend or belong to churches. Mwaure further believes Wajackoyah will have no respect for freedom of worship.

“I call him to retract his words and apologize to the Catholic church, other churches and religious institutions,” he said

In the event Wajackoyah fails to express regret over his sentiments, the Agano party leader is promising to rally the church and Kenyans, in general, to reject him on the ballot.

Mwaure insists that the church has been a beacon of hope, keeping governments in check. Providing refuge, education, partnerships in various struggles and providing much-needed spiritual refreshments.

“The church in Kenya and many other religious groups have invested billions of funds and time in institutions of learning, hospitals, refugee centres, and rehabilitation for many youths caught up in the roller-coaster of drug-taking, especially Marijuana,” Mwaure reiterated

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