Sakaja assures supporters that he will be on the ballot moment after  IEBC Tribunal  Dismissed Case Challenging His Nairobi Bid

Sakaja assures supporters that he will be on the ballot moment after IEBC Tribunal Dismissed Case Challenging His Nairobi Bid

BY  JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,19TH JUNE,2022-Nairobi Senator and governorship hopeful Johnson Sakaja has welcomed the decision by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) disputes tribunal to dismiss a petition seeking to bar him from vying.

Sakaja, who is seeking Nairobi’s top seat in the upcoming General Election, has been under public scrutiny after a complaint was filed against him at the IEBC tribunal for allegedly not having the required education qualifications.

On Sunday, the IEBC, however, said that it does not have the jurisdiction to authenticate academic papers.

Speaking shortly after the verdict, the senator assured his supporters that he will be on the ballot and is the sure candidate to win the seat.

“I want to assure the millions of Nairobians who have been anxious during this time that the honorary is still on; we have been cleared and we will be on the ballot come august 9,” he said.

“I am a law abiding citizen and we shall abide by all provisions of the law. We are in this race to win it so that we can transform this great capital.”

In its ruling, the electoral body said it lacks legal mandate to investigate and authenticate the validity of academic credentials for any candidate seeking office in the August General Election.

The Commission for University Education (CUE) on Wednesday last week revoked the recognition of Sakaja’s Bachelor of Science in Management Degree from Uganda’s Team University, saying it will open a probe into the validity of the papers the Senator presented before the IEBC for clearance to run.

The High Court has however since suspended CUE’s decision pending hearing and determination of his case on Sunday.

Judge Jairus Ngaah, in his ruling, also prohibited IEBC from striking Sakaja from its list of candidates cleared to run for the Nairobi Governor’s seat.

CUE on Friday sought at least 10 documents from the sitting Nairobi Senator as confirmation that he attended Team University, before clearing him to vie in the upcoming August elections.

Chairperson Chacha Nyaigotti said CUE had opened a probe into the authenticity of Sakaja’s degree following concerns raised by members of the public.

Some of the documents required from Sakaja include: an application letter for the course he took at the university, his letter of admission, evidence of registration, official transcripts, examination schedules and a graduation booklet with his name on it among other requirements.

Sakaja however slammed the commission over the new conditions alleging discrimination as he said no other candidate cleared by IEBC was asked to submit the exact academic qualifications as him.

According to the legislator, the commission erred in revoking his university degree without completing necessary investigations into the matter, a move he insists is politically motivated.

“The question we are asking is, in this country are you guilty until proven innocent or vice versa? You cannot revoke and then investigate, you investigate and then if you need to, you revoke. When I submitted my documents on June 6, 2022 none of those questions were asked of me but today there are requirements,” said Sakaja in a Friday night presser.

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