Pray for peaceful elections, Raila tells the clergy

Pray for peaceful elections, Raila tells the clergy

BY AZIMIO MEDIA TEAM,KITUI,15TH JUNE,2022-Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Presidential candidate Raila Odinga is urging the clergy to pray for the country as it prepares for the General Election on the 9th of August this year.

He says, during electioneering period, Kenyans get divided due to politics adding that it is only through prayers by the men and women of God that the country can unite and hold peaceful rallies election.

Speaking during a meeting with members of the Clergy drawn from different parts of Kitui County at the Kitui Villa Resort in Kitui town Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Odinga said the biggest impediment to development in Kenya is the theft of public funds and resources and that only the people themselves through prayers can help the country get rid of such vices.

“One of God’s Ten Commandments says ‘thou shall not steal’ and Kenyans know very well that the theft of public funds and resources has made us not grow, we must bring this to an end, and this can only happen through the help of the Clergy”, he said.

He said currently Kenyans are facing many challenges as a result of the high cost of living something he said can only be fixed with proper planing and focus. “I know the prices of basic commodities have gone up, our government shall work round the clock to lower the prices to make life bearable for Kenyans” he said.

On unity of the nation, Mr. Odinga said Azimio la Umoja aims at uniting the country and having Kenyans co-exist peacefully. “Mwalimu Julius Nyerere looked around Tanzania and saw many ethnic communities and decided that the only way to have them live together as one is by uniting them and make them speak one language, we in Kenya can do the same” he added.

He said as the campaign period gets into top gear, political players should exercise sobriety and avoid confrontations for peaceful elections to be held. “I urge you (the clergy) to pray for my team to win this election so that we can take Kenya to the next level” he said.

Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka thanked the clergy for being on the forefront in instilling good manners in the people saying that was their main duty. “You pray for us, you keep us united and I pray that you will pray for the country to have good leaders who will help in grow”, he said.

Earlier before the meeting, the leader of Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition Mr. Odinga opened the state of the art conference hall at the Kitui Villa which is owned by the Spokesperson of Azimio la Umoja and his long time friend Prof. Makau Mutua.

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