You are out of touch with current challenges facing Kenyans,Ruto tells Odinga.

You are out of touch with current challenges facing Kenyans,Ruto tells Odinga.

BY DPPS,NANYUKI, 11TH JUNE,2022-Deputy President William Ruto claims Azimio La Umoja – One Kenya Presidential candidate Raila Odinga is out of touch with the current challenges that are bedeviling Kenyans.

Speaking during a roadside rally in Nanyuki, the DP said the problem for young people in the country is lack of employment and business opportunities and not ignorance as has been stated by his competitor.

“Mimi ninataka ni mwambie, Bwana Kitendawili, kichwa yako imechelwa 1963, my friend. Shida ya Kenya saa hii si ujinga. Tuko na vijana karibu milioni tano wamesoma hapa Kenya na wengi wako na certificate, diploma, wengine wako na degree. Shida yao si ujinga, shida yao ni ajira and biashara. Wee Bwana Kitendawili chanuka,” he said.

(“I want you to tell my friend, Mr Kitendawili, your mindset is stuck in 1963, my friend. The biggest challenge in the country currently is not ignorance. We have about five million young people who are learned and have obtained a certificate, diploma, and others have degrees. Their problem is not ignorance, their problem is employment and business. Style up Mr. Kitendawili”)

He was making reference to a statement that Raila has made in which he pointed to illness, ignorance, and poverty as the only three things that are bedeviling the country.

DP Ruto addresses residents of Nanyuki in Laikipia county during a Kenya Kwanza Alliance charm offensive, June 11, 2022. /DPPS

The DP had earlier told a United Democratic Alliance County Economic Forum that his competitors have nothing to offer Kenyans and that is why they are talking about 1960s issues.

“If you have held different leadership posts in the country over the last 30 years but you have nothing to show for it. Your only claim to fame is all about second liberation and Mandela moment. These things mean nothing to Kenyans,” he stated.

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