Akorino Model Pesh recounts difficult journey getting pregnant

Akorino Model Pesh recounts difficult journey getting pregnant

BY NEWSDESK,NAIROBI,3RD JUNE,2022-Two months ago, Akorino model and her husband, hinted that they are ready for parenthood.

Dan dropped this major news at the time and speculation was rife that she was already pregnant and that they were hiding the news.

The couple refused to address those rumours. Yesterday, Pesh decided to share pregnancy photos much to fans’ delight.

A day later and they also gave fans a video sharing how they discovered she was pregnant. Pesh wrote her unborn baby in a special message that,

“Knowing that I’m expecting you was the greatest news mummy and daddy loves you so much we cant wait to see you in our hands. All in Gods appointment, God knew our hearts needed you.”

Dan agreed with her adding his own dedication to the unborn baby

“We can’t wait to  see you. You have filled a part of us that needed it.”

Pesh then revealed details of their struggle to conceive saying, “It has been journey trying to get pregnant. Dan and I are so happy we have never been this happy in our lives.”

Dan assures her about parenting, saying, “And I know you will be the best mum.”

Pesh agreed adding, “This journey has not been easy.  I want to thank you so much for not giving up on us, thank you for always being there for me. I  was so excited when I found out I was pregnant.”

Pesh then told Dan that she would like him to be a present dad, unlike what she went through.

“When I was growing up I didn’t have a father figure so I want you to assure me you will be present. The other day we did a test in January we did a test and it was negative. It was a bit disappointing. But we got so many reassurances from fans that we should wait for God’s appointed time.”

Pesh opend some more about her disappointing time trying to conceive

“The first home pregnancy test came out negative. So the second time I went to my friends place for moral support coz the was feeling I suspected I could be pregnant coz I was always sleeping, feeling lazy I was feeling bad all the time. Then I missed my period but didn’t think because I have irregular periods, so I went to my friend and we did the test it came out positive, I was so excited I called him, that day he was so busy and I had planned for a special date where I would announce but he was busy it didn’t work out, so I left my friends house and went home and i could contain m excitement and told him.”

Dan then added that he noticed she had a certain glow telling his wife,

“She was super happy. I could see her excitement and I wondered why she is so hyper she was cooking happily. And I have always wanted to have children so for me this was exciting as well, I was so happy the emotion that.”

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