Koome Asks God To ‘Smoke Out’ Election Thieves During August Polls

Koome Asks God To ‘Smoke Out’ Election Thieves During August Polls

 BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,26TH MAY,2022-Chief Justice Martha Koome has prayed for God’s guidance during the upcoming polls in August to ensure peace prevails.

Koome who was making her statement during the National Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday asked God to protect Kenya and Kenyans, before, during, and after the elections.

“I pray that the electoral justice shall prevail and the best candidates will be the one that will carry the day, but those who will steal the elections, Father you will smoke them out,” Koome said.

She further prayed against the spirit of violence and fear during the elections and asked God to remind those keen to cause divisions among Kenyans of the value of respect for one another.

“Let no Kenyan be subjected to violence, displaced or lose their property or loved ones due to electoral violence,” Koome said in her prayer to the nation.

Koome further prayed for peaceful campaigns during the electioneering period “devoid of name-calling but will be issue-oriented and not personality-driven.”

She asked God to make every Kenyan an instrument of peace and protect Kenyans as they prepare for the elections.

“Hold back the hands that kill, those who maim, those who abuse others, touch and transform the hearts that hate because your spirit gives us the power to love and self-discipline,” Koome prayed.

She further prayed for fair and just resolutions of disagreement according to the rule of law in the event they occur.

Koome further asked God to comfort those who fail to win the elections after the August 9 polls and give them alternative means of livelihood and heal their spirits.

She also asked God to guide different agencies that will be part of the electoral process to ensure the exercise is done successfully.

She asked Kenyans to dwell in unity and peace during the elections as reflected in the country’s National Anthem.



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