You’ve Been Conned By Ruto, Junet Tells Mudavadi, Wetangula And Mutua

You’ve Been Conned By Ruto, Junet Tells Mudavadi, Wetangula And Mutua

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,12TH MAY,2022-Junet Mohamed, the Executive Secretary of Azimio has told Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetangula and Alfred Mutua to be wary of Deputy President William Ruto who “made them sign an agreement that can’t be implemented.”

Junet said the power-sharing agreement signed between the three is a “pure con-game because Ruto is promising them positions that are not in law.”

“He is basically trying to re-invent his own BBI and it can’t work,” Junet said, a day after the Kenya Kwanza power-sharing agreement was made public.

Mudavadi who is the Amani National Congress leader, Wetangula of Ford Kenya and Alfred Mutua of Maendeleo Chap Chap party have all joined an alliance with Ruto to share power if Ruto wins the presidency in the August elections.

“Ruto told Kenyans that there will be no sharing of positions in his lineup. Ruto’s party was to operate without positions but everyone walking around offering services. Those services were to be offered by kina mama mboga and boda boda people not Musalia, Wetangula, Kingi and Mutua,” Junet told a news conference in Malindi on Thursday.

He questioned why Ruto opposed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) accusing its proponents of using the Bill to create positions for themselves and he has now done the same for all the leaders who have joined his Kenya Kwanza Team including Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi

“I want to repeat this, Musalia, Wetangula, Kingi and Mutua have been coned by Ruto. They have been allocated positions which Ruto said will not exist. They have taken positions that were to be occupied by mama mboga, now mama mboga has no space, boda boda has no space. Their space has been taken by the four leaders,” Junet said.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho echoed the sentiments saying it was now clear who between DP Ruto and Azimio Presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga has been lying to Kenyans about positions.

“After he vehemently opposed BBI, I was expecting to see Ruto’s deputy president to be the Chairperson of boda boda association, Prime Minister, Chairlady of mama mboga because this is what they have been preaching against us. But now, we see who is corrupt and who is only interested in positions and has no interest of Kenyans at heart,” Joho said.

In the Kenya Kwanza agreement deposited at the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties, (ORPP), Mudavadi will be made the Prime Cabinet Secretary through an executive order, Wetangula the Speaker of the National Assembly, Kingi the Speaker of the Senate while Mutua will be appointed a CabinetSecretary.

The presidential flag bearer position is reserved for United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party headed by DP Ruto.

The running mate position will also be held by a member of UDA and specifically from the Mt Kenya Region.

To secure these plum slots, the coalition agreement deal requires Mudavadi and Wetangula to deliver at least 70 percent of Western Kenya in the August 9 polls.

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