Sakaja  says he will Prioritize Slum Eradication, Not Upgrading If Elected Nairobi Governor

Sakaja says he will Prioritize Slum Eradication, Not Upgrading If Elected Nairobi Governor

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,10TH MAY,2022-Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirant Johnson Sakaja now says he will prioritize slum eradication if elected, as part of measures to improve living standards of city residents.

Sakaja, who was speaking Tuesday during an interview on Capital In the Morning, said “we want everyone to live with dignity”.

He said that every Nairobi resident deserves to live in dignity, noting that it’s possible to do away with slums through building high rise buildings as is the case of Rwanda.

“I don’t believe in slum upgrading because there is no better slum. I believe in slum eradication through the silo system, like what Kagame has done” he told Fareed Kimani and Davina Leonard on the morning show.

As part of measures to ensure that those who have been relocated from slums do not creep back , Sakaja outlined on the need to have a proper plan in place of ensuring that the county puts up high-rise buildings.

“We get the first phase of high rise buildings and move them, and where we have moved people we seal it so that no other ‘mabati’s come up,” he said.

Also as part of measures of ensuring easy management of the city, Sakaja hinted at having the city divided into four areas including Nairobi North, South, East and West.

This plan, he said, will see each of the four areas headed by city managers who will be answering to him.

On easing the Nairobi traffic, Sakaja said the city must have a proper public transport system in place, by introducing the metro services.

His other agenda will be to implement a school feeding program in Nairobi county, so as to ensure that no child misses school due to lack of food.

” I have no space to screw up so that after 10 years I don’t retire.If i succeed in making Nairobi work, I will vie for Presidency,” Sakaja said.

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