You have failed to advise Uhuru properly, its time you retired from politics  Ruto tells Raila

You have failed to advise Uhuru properly, its time you retired from politics Ruto tells Raila

BY NAMULONGO PETER/DPPS,BUNGOMA,7TH MAY,2022- Deputy President William Ruto now says his political rival Raila Odinga is to blame for the failures in the Jubilee government’s and has described him as an ‘advisor’ who has misled President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Without mentioning names, Ruto claimed that ever since President Kenyatta sidelined him and joined hands with Odinga the delivery of the Jubilee regime has been on a downward trajectory.

“Kitendawili man (Odinga) has been pretending to be an advisor to President Kenyatta. The head of state has told us that things have hit a snag. If they have failed in a small thing like advising  a sitting President, can they run a government?”

The second in command maintained that it was the opportune time for Odinga to retire from politics saying he is unfit for leadership.

“Are you ready we pack goods for Odinga and we send him to home. We should send him express to Bondo,” Ruto stated.

Addressing an economic forum meeting in Bungoma, the DP castigated Odinga for absconding his oversight duty as an opposition leader and instead engaged in dubious corruption deals within the government.

Ruto dismissed the push for him to resign saying Odinga and his troops have no moral authority to question his conduct.

“They joined the government and became brokers, thieves and cartels inside the government. They stole KEMSA and opened corruption laundry in Upper hill. What moral authority do they have to question us? really? You must be joking,” he stated.

This is even as he pointed out that he is not to blame for the dismal delivery of the President Uhuru Kenyatta administration as his duties were delegated to failures.

“I stood with President Kenyatta all the way until when he told me that am no longer needed. He went and looked for other people to help him but now Kenyatta has realized that those people have not helped him in any way,” he said.

“Nobody should blame me those who failed should carry their cross, they should not blame me. If you (Kenyatta) blame me then its true that when a hyena want to eat his children they first claim that their children smell like sheep,” he added.

The Deputy President absolved himself from the botched pledges by the Jubilee regime saying ever since President Kenyatta found new political friends, he had no option than to take a back seat.

“Nobody should tell me I made a mistake by accepting that other people can also help the President discharge his reasonability and deliver his legacy,” Ruto noted.

Ruto dared those asking him to resign as the second in command to outline any duties that he has failed to deliver because they point accusing fingers.

“Don’t blame me for issues that I was never involved in. When I was helping mu friend Uhuru there was no gap. Those telling me to resign they should tell me what responsibility I have failed to implement,”

“I have discharged every responsibility discharged to me by the constitution by the law and the president. Am the Deputy President until the 8th of August this year,” he added.

President Kenyatta had accused him of doing nothing to help in addressing the rising cost of living.

During the Labour Day celebrations at the Nyayo Stadium on Sunday, President Kenyatta, blasted his deputy for faulting him over the rising cost of living yet he is not the cause.

“Instead of coming to help me and offer your advice, you are busy in the market abusing people and you are calling yourself a leader of a higher rank. You should have left long ago I get some else to help me work,”said President Kenyatta.

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