I Never Took Anyone’s Job In Govt, Matiangi Says

I Never Took Anyone’s Job In Govt, Matiangi Says

BY CORRESPONDENT,NAIROBI,7TH,MAY,2022- Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has challenged those who claim he took their Job in government to come out and explain themselves.

Matiangi said that together with his colleagues in the Cabinet, they have avoided commenting on some claims because they respect certain offices and the collective responsibility given to them.

“Keeping quiet when such reckless claims are made does not mean we have nothing to say, have taken counsel from the clergy, private sector and people who care for the future and stability of this country not to go in the wrong direction especially now during the elections,” he stated.

Matiangi said a time is coming when the county needs to be told the truth about those claims of irresponsible and what he terms as wild allegations that are being made by them.

Matiangi said there is usual hypocrisy and presence in the political environment pointing fingers on cabinet secretaries.

“In 2017 I was on the campaign trail with all of them here in Kisii, so did I become a CS now in 2022?” he stated.

Matiangi said, they never raised issues then because he was at the campaign trail with them, he said the Internet does not forget, he told them to go and look for videos he was with them during the 2017 campaigns.

“Now because we are not with them, we are breaking the law. This dishonesty characterizes the behavior of those people, very dishonest people seeking for public leadership with cheaper and petty sympathies, there is no law we have broken,” said Matiangi.

The CS said, he is not aware of any effort to interfere with elections, their responsibility in the security sector is to support IEBC to conduct elections and they are ready.

“I agree with my brother Joe Mucheru, maybe there is something people want to do and they want to build a propaganda case or they notice the election is not going their direction, why are they making such wild claims.”

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