Do not just point out problems facing Kenya,provide solutions too,Uhuru tells leaders keen on criticizing his efforts

Do not just point out problems facing Kenya,provide solutions too,Uhuru tells leaders keen on criticizing his efforts

BY  PSCU,MOMBASA,20TH APRIL,2022-President Uhuru Kenyatta has hit back at leaders who are quick to identify problems in the country without providing substantive solutions to them.

In an apparent reference to his Deputy William Ruto, the Head of State said, Kenya needs leaders who are able to identify problems and offer solutions, not mere critics who have nothing to offer.

“The problem with this Kenya is that the so-called leaders are quick to pinpoint a problem but have no solution to those problems. So, when they read on the newspapers about fuel, maize etc. they are the first ones to call press conferences to complain about the prices,” Kenyatta said.

“You are already in leadership and you are seeking a more powerful position then you should be in the frontline to solve current problems not complain and criticize all the time,” he said.

He called on those seeking various elective/leadership positions in the coming August Elections to be problem solvers and not just talkers

“This country needs problem solvers not problem talkers. You are a leader and you are the first one to complain then the ordinary mwananchi is left wondering so what? We need people who are willing and committed to providing solutions because problems will never ever. Today you sleep thinking you have solved all your issues another one emerges tomorrow,” President Kenyatta said.

Kenyatta made his remarks on Wednesday from Mombasa County during the 45th Head Teachers Conference just two weeks after DP Ruto faulted the delayed disbursement of fuel subsidies to oil marketers blaming a nationwide fuel crisis on ‘monopolistic cartels, economic saboteurs and incompetent public officials.

Ruto said the crisis which become more pronounced two weeks ago could have been averted had public officials charged with dispensing subsidies done so in a timely and efficient manner.

He made the remarks shortly after President Kenyatta signed into law five bills among them the supplementary bill that unlocked an additional Sh34.4 billion towards fuel stabilization.

The DP said it was unnecessary to wait until a crisis unfolds yet sufficient monies were available under the petroleum levy to support the subsidy program.

“This should have been addressed before we found ourselves into the crisis that we are already in and you actually don’t need a supplementary to address this problem because there was already money in the Petroleum development fund,” Ruto, who was flanked by allies in the Kenya Kwanza formation including ANC’s Musalia Mudavadi, stated.

The crisis has since been resolved after Energy Cabinet secretary Monica Juma on Tuesday announced that fuel supply has been restored in all parts of the country following weeks of fuel shortages widely blamed on hoarding by unscrupulous Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).


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