IG Mutyambai Orders Police To Escort fuel Tankers At Night

IG Mutyambai Orders Police To Escort fuel Tankers At Night

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,14TH APRIL,2022-Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai has directed police to escort fuel tankers at night for the next 72 hours amid the fuel crisis occasioned by hoarding by marketers and dealers.

Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso said Thursday that police will provide security to the petroleum suppliers between 6pm and 6am to guarantee security as the government rolls out plans to address the fuel crisis experienced in most parts of the country in recent weeks.

“Kenyans are alive to the difficulties experienced due to the shortage of fuel within the country in the past few days. The National Police Service, as a law enforcement agency has taken cognizance of the persistent situation and joins other state actors in providing solutions to alleviate the difficulties experienced,” Shioso said.

Shioso stated that the IG had directed police stations across the country to provide security to local petrol stations within their areas with immediate effect.

This statement comes a few hours after Energy Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma directed all fuel retailing outlets to operate on a 24-hour basis as part of the measure aimed at addressing the current fuel crises that has been largely blamed on hoarding.

Juma assured them of their security saying that the decision was reached following consultations with the interior ministry on securing the entire movement and sale of fuel and fuel products across the country.

She further said that the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining has filled the requisite complaints with the sector regulator, competition authority and the state security agencies led by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for all Oil Marketing Companies that have contravened the law by engaging in acts of economic sabotage.

“Let me make it clear here that we are going to follow this process to its logical conclusion. Kenyans have come from tough times with COVID-19 are trying to recover from its ravages and we will not accept another layer of artificial constraints placed on them,” she stated.

To address the current situation, CS Juma said that the government had instituted a number of measures including sanctioning a process of reallocating the petroleum import capacity

She stated that OMCs who sold above their normal local quota during the crisis period will benefit from additional capacity, while those who sold less will have their respective capacity reduced.

“The rationalization of the petroleum import capacity sharing is aimed at creating a healthy balance between transit and local volumes,” she added.

Juma further pointed out that the government had also lifted the moratorium on the transport of fuel from the Nairobi depot by fuel tankers.

She further stated that police will privilege the movement of fuel and fuel products for the next 72 hours.

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