Wanjigi now blames the state for the poor economic state of the country

Wanjigi now blames the state for the poor economic state of the country

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,13TH APRIL,2022-Safina party presidential candidate Hon. Jimi Wanjigi blamed the Jubilee administration for the poor economic state of the country leaving Kenyans not only deep in debt but also broke.

Speaking in Nairobi, the Safina flag bearer talked of the corrupt deals made by the Jubilee government while signing the Standard gauge railway contract which was set to cost Kenya a mere Ksh. 50 billion shillings for the railway to run from the Kenyan coast to Busia but instead cost Ksh. 380 billion to run from Mombasa to Nairobi only.

“I told them, without using public funds, the railway will cost us Ksh. 50 billion running from Mombasa to Busia but they told me there is a plan with the Chinese for the railway to run from Mombasa to Busia at Ksh. 380 billion.” The Presidential Candidate said in disgust.

He added on the fuel shortage experienced by the country attributing all this to the lack of money in the Uhuru government. The shortage has resulted in a hike in the prices of fuel and maize floor which is affecting the common mwananchi. Wanjigi said the country is mired in debt that has led to an economic crunch leaving Kenyans wallowing in abject poverty.

“While you struggle for petrol, keep in mind that the government has no money. This coming Thursday, they plan to inflate the price to Ksh. 154, 20 shillings more.” He said.

Mr. Jimi Wanjigi also compared his two competitors to the two strains that emerged from the deadly Covid-19 virus. He compared the Kenya Kwanza Alliance to the Delta strain and Azimio to the Omicron strain warning the crowd against electing these viruses again in the coming ballot.
“The Uhuruto government is just like the Corona Virus mutating in stages, one hand is UDA which is like the Delta variant, and on the other hand, Azimio which is like the Omicron.”
He assured Kenyans he is the best candidate to fight the current government and asked for their support come the August 9th general elections.

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