No amount of criticism can deter us,Matiangi and Kibicho says

No amount of criticism can deter us,Matiangi and Kibicho says

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,13TH APRIL,2022-Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi and his counterpart Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho have said they are unbothered by criticism leveled at them by a section of political leaders in the country.

The two security chiefs who have been on the spot lately over alleged unfair treatment of political opponents said they were being targeted unfairly for discharging their official duties.

Speaking Wednesday during the National Delegates Conference of Chiefs in Nyeri, Matiangi and Kibicho said they have no apologies to their perceived high-handedness while executing their mandate.

“I have never lacked sleep over all these shouts of Matiang’i this or Kibicho that. We are not bothered by all the insults and ridicule because that comes with the job we’ve been assigned and which we will continue to do to the best of our abilities.”

Matiangi termed sustained criticism directed at them as ‘unfortunate’ pointing out that some leaders had made it part of their political agenda.

“Some leaders, including some in this county (Nyeri), have made the bashing Matiang’i and Kibicho part of their political manifesto. They cannot end a day without dragging our names into their political fights. Rather than sell their ideology, all they shout is threats and insults at two people whose only crime is doing their job,” he said.

The Interior CS further dismissed reports of threats against his life for allegedly unleashing state agencies including the police and the Kenya Revenue Authority on perceived opponents.

“I hear people reminding me all the time that there were powerful Interior ministers before me and that I’ll also go someday. I know there was George Saitoti and Joseph Nkaissery. I know I will die someday and that does not scare me. What is important to me is the legacy of my tour of duty.” He stated.

Kibicho on the other hand dismissed claims that is involved in active politics saying he was only exercising his civic duties as a leader and a private citizen.

“As Citizens, Kibicho, my family and I also have a voice and a vote. I also have a few people who look up to me for consultations on governance and what we should look out for when choosing leaders. If they ask for my opinion, I’ll give it” he said.

The security chiefs urged the chiefs across the country to be politically neutral but firm when dealing with politicians during the election season.

They also encouraged them to be on the forefront in civic education of the members of the public including guiding citizens on the ideal leadership qualities for those seeking elective positions.

The security chiefs further assured the administrators that the state will protect them from intimidation and harassment especially by politicians and contestants subverting the law.

“They are those who are threatening you that you will be dismissed or disciplined in other ways if you don’t do this or that. But as long as you are doing the right thing, rest assured that you’re going nowhere. We shall protect you from unwarranted intimidation,” Matiang’i said.

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