Sim cards Lines To Be Sold At Designated Points Only-CA

Sim cards Lines To Be Sold At Designated Points Only-CA

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,10TH APRIL,2022-The Communications Authority (CA) has announced that SIM cards will now be sold at designated locations to facilitate the registration of new lines in accordance with the authority’s policies. 

The authority stated on Sunday at a press conference convened by Director-General Ezra Chiloba to clarify issues regarding the ongoing SIM registration exercise that there will be no more hawking of lines.

“SIM cards can only be sold at designated points  and no longer on the streets as it used to happen,” Matano Ndaro, CA’s director of licensing, compliance and standards, told journalists.

At the same time, Chiloba stated that a photo of the SIM card holder is not required in the ongoing exercise, stating that the authority only requires network providers to capture photos of customers’ identity cards.

“​​The regulations do not require subscribers to submit photos of themselves during registration or verification exercise. However, records of subscribers must include identification documents such as the National ID, service cards for disciplined forces, passports and birth certification whichever is applicable,” stated Chiloba.

He reiterated that the April 15 deadline is still in force by which customers must have confirmed that their lines are registered with the authority, failure to which will lead to SIM deactivation.

To confirm whether one’s number is registered, a customer will need to dial the USSD code *106#.

“If you get the message showing the phone numbers registered under your ID, it means you are fully compliant and don’t need to trouble yourself going to the queue to verify your information,” said Chiloba.

‘However, in cases where either numbers pop up under your ID and you do not know them, you must take the initiative to go to your service providers to have those numbers deactivated.”

In cases where a customer’s number is not listed among those registered under their ID number, Chiloba stated that they will also need to present themselves to registration officers to have it registered afresh.

Whereas Airtel and Telkom have clarified that they are not taking photographs of their customers, Safaricom have stated that they are doing it to reinforce security against identity fraud.

“The photo is not a legal requirement but we have always thought that it is better to keep our customers safer and we are looking at eliminating the M-PESA fraud menace hence the reason for our more stringent decisions,” Nicholas Mulila, Safaricom’s Chief Corporate Security Officer said.

Before CA’s clarification on who needs to register their SIM cards, Kenyans had been rushing to various telco outlets in a bid to beat the deadline, with long queues witnessed in different parts of the country.

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