Ruto blames cartels, economic saboteurs for high cost of living

Ruto blames cartels, economic saboteurs for high cost of living

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI, 4TH APRIL,2022-Kenya Kwanza Alliance led by Deputy President William Ruto have blamed cartels for the skyrocketing food and fuel prices and called on the National Treasury to address the matter urgently.

In a statement, the Deputy President said the high fuel prices were unprecedented and not due to ordinary market responses to global crude oil price dynamics.

“Our problem is cruder, and more local. This is the result of collusion between monopolistic cartels and economic saboteurs on one hand and oblivious, reckless, insensitive and incompetent public officials on the other. Insatiable greed and corruption is driving us over the cliff,” said DP Ruto.

DP noted that Kenyans wanted an end to the issue of conflict of interest and state capture.

“The casual and insensitive attitude to the plight of tens of millions of struggling Kenyans is a disturbing development that has emboldened cartels which have taken over critical economic sectors and are now moving in top gear to capture the state,” he added.

He said the silence from the concerned Government ministries was deafening and their inaction snowballing into a national catastrophe.

“In the midst of the distressing crisis, the loudest messages from public officials including ministries are centered around BBI Reggae and Azimio jingle bells and whistles,” Ruto said.

Ruto called on the National Treasury to account for all the diversions of funds out of the Petroleum Development Fund and restore the fuel subsidy mechanism forthwith.

He noted that Treasury must rise to its constitutional accountability and live up to the Public Finance Management Act.

“Failure to do the right thing will convert the National Treasury into a cog in state capture and corruption that will destroy our country,” he said.

“We demand that public officials responsible listen to the agonized cries of millions of suffering Kenyans and abandon their exclusive and destructive subservience to cartels and the barons of state and capture and do something about the rapidly deepening economic crisis,” the Deputy President said.

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