Impeaching President Kenyatta! No, I Had No Such Plans – Ruto

Impeaching President Kenyatta! No, I Had No Such Plans – Ruto

BY DPPS,MALINDI, 28TH MARCH,2022– Deputy President William Ruto now says allegations that he had hatched a plot to impeach President Uhuru Kenyatta after the 2017 general election are just rumors and propaganda being spread by his opponents.

Speaking during a rally in Malindi on Sunday, the deputy president stated that he has always done his duties diligently and thoughts of impeachment never crossed his mind.

He pointed out that he helped President Kenyatta get into office both in 2013 and 207.

“Please have a little respect. Even though you don’t want to support me just stop the propaganda. Stop disuniting Kenyans, that William Ruto can impeach someone who he propelled to presidency? he said.

The second in command emphasized that he was well aware of his place under the leadership of President Kenyatta calling his accusers liars.

“As Deputy President I know what I must do, and I have never and will never and it has never happened that I could be part of anything that could bring down the government of Kenya. Those spreading those lies, shame on you, you deserve nothing but shame!” he retorted.

Ruto was responding to the allegations that were said to have been made during a State House meeting that was attended by 3000 elders from the Mount Kenya region.

Sources claim that President Kenyatta told the meeting that Ruto went behind his back talked to Odinga scheming a plot to impeach him as the head of state.

“The President simply revealed to us that Ruto was planning to go behind his back and impeach him as the head of state. It was well calculated plot having formed loyalist in Jubilee party in the bungled 2017 primaries,” the source said.

In his tour in Malindi, the Deputy President told the residents that he can’t possibly form a government he intends to scuttle at the same time.

Ruto pointed out that Odinga is the only individual who could have been the mastermind to impeach President Kenyatta in the 2017 polls having sworn himself as the people president.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party leader mentioned that his rival Odinga has been known since time in memorial as man culpable to impeach a regime having been listed as one of the individuals involved in the botched 1982 coup.

“In 1982 we know he was involved in the aborted coup. Just the other day he sworn himself in as the people’s president. You must be confusing me with your project, someone who is known to

He urged President Kenyatta to show him a little respect having participated actively to ensure he got to statehouse for his second and final term.

“Don’t bring useless, empty propaganda, negative ethnicity because you have no plan or agenda and because your project has been rejected by the people of Kenya. That is because you are desperate and spreading falsehood and propaganda,” said Ruto.

The UDA party leader stated that Odinga’s track record has been of a politician who rejects the outcome of any election outcome since 2007.

“This man (Odinga) has been known for rejecting election outcomes and swearing himself in. He has no agenda just singing tibim, tialala and Ria! Can he change this country and deliver in this country surely?” Ruto posed.

Ruto asked Kenyans to do the nation a favor come the August 9th polls and send him back to his native home in Bondo, Siaya County as he was not well cut out to deliver development in the country.

“Let us help this man, we put him in a wheelbarrow and send him to Siaya express and we let him rest.”

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