Infuriated Nairobi motorist assaults police officer

Infuriated Nairobi motorist assaults police officer

BY NAMULONGO PETER,18TH MARCH,2022-A motorist suspected to be under the influence of alcohol is on spot for assaulting a police officer.

Video footage shared by Sikika road safety showed a man said to be the driver of a car involved in an accident punching the officer.

The incident reportedly happened on Thursday.

Reports indicate that the police officer identified as Mark Muriira was on his way to work when he came across a road accident.

He stopped by to check what had happened.

A disagreement is said to have ensued leading to the motorist punching the officer, as seen in the video.

Luckily, police officers passing by were alerted by boda boda riders to come and salvage the situation.

The officers responded swiftly and arrested the culprit.

The incident happened on a road in Nairobi along where the Nairobi Expressway is being constructed.

The driver is alleged to have hit a boda boda rider injuring his leg.

The incident come in the wake of many assault cases on Kenyan roads.

Recently, an attack on a female motorist on Forest Road Nairobi caused uproar in the country that led to a major crackdown of the boda boda sector.

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