No going  back to imperial Presidency era-DP Ruto

No going back to imperial Presidency era-DP Ruto

BY DPPS,NAIROBI,15TH MARCH,2022-Deputy President William Ruto says his competitors in the August 9th election want to take the Country back to the days of imperial Presidency.

In a vicious attack on his political rivals, DP Ruto said they will not accept the reintroduction of BBI saying they want to use it to put in place a President who controls other institutions of Government just because he/she has power and money.

“We will not accept to go back to the dark days of imperial presidency we are moving forward to a Kenya that has the best interests of the 50m people,” He said.

He was in his element, much to the joy of the delegates who cheered him on. “We will not worship you, we worship the living God in heaven, we worship no human being. You may have power but we believe in God the all-powerful.”

DP Ruto regretted that the current regime has misused institutions and used them to harass people close to him.

“They have been persecuted the MPs and Governors present here. Their crime was being my friend. I want to salute the leaders here, they are made of heavy metal and history will judge them. They stood up against tyranny and blackmail.” He said.

He said once elected, he will appoint an accounting officer for Inspector General of the police as well as the DCI to give them financial independence and ensure that going forward they will not rely on the Office of the President to discharge their responsibility.

“They have weaponised, KRA, DCI, EACC to run political errands, to bring down business that belong to people who don’t worship them. On our first day in office we will free the DCI and KRA from state capture,” He said.

He vowed to professionalize KRA by digitize services to enhance tax collection in a fair manner.

DP Ruto further said he will ensure the independence of the Judiciary saying, “We want an independent Judiciary. One that doesn’t receive phone calls from the executive to write judgements.”

He says his competitors believe Kenya belongs to a few people whose only desire is to share positions, urging Kenyans to shun such leaders without fear of intimidation.

“It is not bottom versus Up but Bottom Up,” He said in reference to his preferred economic model.


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