CS Monica Juma Urges Kenyans To Report Vandalism Of Govt Infrastructure

CS Monica Juma Urges Kenyans To Report Vandalism Of Govt Infrastructure

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,6TH MARCH 2022-Energy Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma has urged the public to report the vandalism of Kenya Power infrastructure after fifteen transformers and equipment worth over Sh70 million were recovered in Ruiru.

Speaking to the press on Sunday, Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma stated that this will contribute immensely to the safeguarding of these infrastructure.

“It is unacceptable I want to thank the security teams; they have upped surveillance and Kenyans are helping in providing information and I want to urge every Kenyan to offer us information because these acts are being committed in our midst,” she stated.

The Cabinet Secretary indicated that so far Kenyans have been benefiting from the various reforms announced in the Energy sector which include the moratorium placed on scrap metal trade that had been announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“The people within the wayleaves are faced with a significant risk because of the power of the voltage that is moving across the areas of habitation. We have seen places where people have moved voluntarily. We encourage that and it is the intention of the government that everybody is safe at all times,” she indicated.

She pointed out that as the impact of the reduction of power prices is being felt within the manufacturing sector and impacting positively on the country’s economy.

In January, President Kenyatta announced a moratorium on scrap metal trade in the country as part of Government efforts to end the rising cases of vandalism of key public installations.

The President said the moratorium will stay in place until after the Government puts in place adequate measures to effectively police the sourcing, trade and export of scrap metal warning that those found culpable for vandalism of state infrastructure will be dealt with firmly.

While referring to recent vandalism of electricity transmission infrastructure, the Standard Gauge Railway and communication masts, President Kenyatta termed the acts as economic sabotage saying the Government won’t tolarate the destruction.

“The law is clear. These acts are nothing less than economic sabotage which fall under treasonable acts and the law is clear as to how we deal with treasonable acts. We will not allow you to destroy that which is for the growth and development of our country to benefit a few individual pockets,” President Kenyatta cautioned.

At the same time, the President reminded the police to execute their constitutional mandate of safeguarding the wellbeing of Kenyans and their property without “fear, favour or intimidation from any quarters.”

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