Odinga traverses Ukambani region,promises to deliver development equally to all parts of Kenya if elected

Odinga traverses Ukambani region,promises to deliver development equally to all parts of Kenya if elected

BY JOAN WANJIKU/CORRESPONDENT,5TH MARCH,2022-ODM leader Raila Odinga has welcomed the Kamba community to Azimio la Umoja Movement stating that it has no discrimination.

Speaking during a political rally at Machakos town on Saturday, Raila urged Ukambani residents to become his foot solders in readiness for August 9 general election.

“In 2013 you voted for me. In 2017 you also voted for me. I want all our people to come together. Azimio la Umoja has got no discrimination,” Raila said

He added, “We want all of us to walk together, be Raila’s soldiers. Have a gun and ammunition, the gun is your national identification card while the ammunition is your vote. On August , if I say forward match, you move. About turn, you turn. Fire, you cast your vote,” Raila said.

He spoke at the political rally held at Old Naivas roundabout in Machakos town.

The ODM boss was accompanied by Governors Hassan Joho (Mombasa), Alfred Mutua (Machakos), Charity Ngilu (Kitui), and their Makueni counterpart Kivutha Kibwana.

ODM leader Raila Odinga addresses Machakos town residents on Saturday March 5,2022.He
reiterated his commitment to protect devolution and increase resource allocation to counties which will spur more development mashinani.

Others were MPs Junet Mohammed, Kanini Kega and Machakos gubernatorial candidate Nzioka Waita among others.

The former Prime Minister said his government will rid off three human enemies; illiteracy, poverty and ill-health.

He reiterated that despite legendary politician Paul Ngei’s concerted efforts to eliminate the three ‘enemies’, there was still poverty and illiteracy in the region.

“Fifty eight years since we got independence as a country, we still live with the three enemies. We must change the strategy,” Rails said.

On illiteracy, the ODM leader said all children across the country will have free education from primary, secondary, tertiary and university under his administration.

“When the children clear their education, they will be assured descent jobs and not pushing wheelbarrows,” Raila said.

He criticized the Jubilee administration for promising children laptops within six months but failed to fulfill the pledge.

Raila said that the children that were promised laptops in 2013 have since completed or are about to complete their secondary education.

The ODM chief accused Deputy President William Ruto of peddling false promises during his multiple political campaigns across the country as he popularises his bottom up economic model.

“Giving the youth wheelbarrows is a false promise. You promised one million jobs to unemployed youths but you didn’t deliver. Now you are promising them 4 million jobs,” Raila said.

Raila said his government will create jobs to the youth. He said those in business will benefit from loans payable for a period of seven years so as to improve their lives.

Instead of seeking employment, they will become employers, the ODM leader said.

He  lauded Ngilu for working hard in attempt to fix water problems in Ukambani region when she was the Water Cabinet Secretary during retired President Mwai Kibaki’s reign.

“Ngilu was Water CS during the grand coalition, she tried. But she was just starting, we will harvest water through ponds and dams for usage during drought seasons. We will also drill bore holes in Ukambani to sort out the problem, ” Raila said.

“River Tasna and Athi flow into the Indian Ocean. The Ocean has enough water. We will harvest the water here so that our people use it.”

Raila said each subcounty will have an industry for value addition and jobs creation.

He said there should be value addition to Kenyan products stating that Ukambani region for instance has lots of minerals like cement, steel, and fertilisers.

“We don’t want to export soil, but finished products. My government will ensure that ICT is improved with fiber optic everywhere to enable our youths work and do business Worldwide while they are here,” Raila said.

He added that provision of fertilizer subsidies to cut the price from the current Sh6, 000 to Sh2, 000 for farmers is art of his transformative agenda to improve livelihoods.

He also outlined the benefits of his Babacare medical insurance cover, social protection fund for poor families, widows, divorced women and teen mothers who fell victim to clandestine relationships.

“All Kenyans whether children, women, youth or elderly will be under Baba Care so as to get medical services whether they have money or not,” Raila said.

Needy families will each receive Sh6, 000 monthlu stipends under the social protection fund, he said.

“Those running around saying there is no money for free education, I have been a Prime Minister for five years. I know where money is,” Raila said.

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