Wanjigi  parts ways with  Raila After He Was barred from attending  ODM NDC

Wanjigi parts ways with Raila After He Was barred from attending ODM NDC

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,26TH FEB,2022-Businessman Jimi Wanjigi was on Saturday roughed up and barred from attending the ODM National Delegates Convention (NDC) which was held at the Kasarani gymnasium.

Wanjigi said in a press conference that he blames party leader Raila Odinga for his woes expressing concern over what he termed the “return of autocracy in the country.”

He added that his relationship with Odinga on matters politics is finally over following the incident.

“We were welcomed until we got to the entrance of the VIP, at that entrance the Secretary-General ordered some goons to chase as out,” Wanjigi said.

He added that all he wanted was a fair chance in the party to compete for the presidency under the party but has been met with great opposition including kicks and blows.

He took a swipe at Odinga arguing that the ODM Party leader “is not democratic as he claims to be.”

He warned other aspirants in the party that they are going to experience a similar treatment as the country heads to the August 9 polls.

Wanjigi said that he will be announcing his direction in his quest for the presidency in the coming weeks.

He further attributed his troubles to his decision to contest against Odinga.

“I ask you today to reject this man that is being brought to you as a project by an outgoing president that is unpopular,’ Wanjigi stated.

Wanjigi further claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta wants to continue staying in power through Odinga.

Though Wanjigi has maintained that he is an ODM member, the party’s Nairobi Branch chairman George Aladwa recently stated that the businessman cum politician is not a listed delegate from Nairobi County.

“This is to, therefore, to caution one Jimi Wanjigi to desist from claiming to be a legitimate delegate when he is just an ordinary and life member of the party,” said Aladwa.

Wanjigi however, lamented that his name was illegally and unconstitutionally expunged from the list of delegates in the Raila Odinga-led party.

According to the ODM party constitution, one must be a delegate to participate in the ratifications made during the NDC.

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