Governor Obado now says his children should carry their own cross in graft case

Governor Obado now says his children should carry their own cross in graft case

BY JOAN WANJIKU ,NAIROBI,23RD FEB,2022-Migori Governor Okoth Obado threw his children under the bus in a graft case where the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission is seeking them to forfeit Ksh73 million.

He also pointed out that he would not bear the consequences of his children’s actions, stating that they are adults who can take responsibility for their own activities.

Obado denied allegations by the EACC that he defrauded the county government Ksh73 million through proxies. EACC claimed Obado acquired the properties through his children who are registered as owners.

“I am not responsible for the acts or omissions of my grown-up children, well past the maturity age. It is ridiculous for EACC to heap responsibility on me for things allegedly done by other adult persons where the only nexus is parenthood,” he told the court.

The governor defended himself in court stating that the allegations of fraud, abuse of office and money laundering were not factual and the anti-graft agency did not sufficient evidence to justify the claims.

He as well argued that the properties which the EACC seeks to recover do not belong to him, nor neither were they registered in his name.

His two daughters further defended themselves, detailing that they never received any prohibited funds from the Migori County Government.

The duo, in court documents, declared that they were being persecuted due to their father’s political affiliation. They also refuted allegations of receiving a kickback from the firms alleged to have been irregularly awarded contracts.

“We have never received any illegal benefit from anyone or the alleged proxies of our father. It is evident that the cases brought against us and our siblings are clear victimisations for being children of Okoth Obado and we are facing the repercussions for his political affiliation,” their court documents read.

They also maintained innocence on claims of receiving stolen money from the county government. The anti-graft agency had claimed that the duo was sent cash and fees while studying abroad.

However, the sisters told the court that their brother wired them money from their business partnership with another suspect in the case.

EACC claimed that the said individual was Obado’s proxy used to siphon money from the county government through fake contracts.

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