Odinga starts  his coast tour insisting that he will fulfill the  Sh6,000  per needy family promise

Odinga starts his coast tour insisting that he will fulfill the Sh6,000 per needy family promise

BY CORRESPONDENT,KILIFI,19TH FEB,2022-ODM leader Raila Odinga has stood firm with his idea of giving a Sh6,000 monthly stipend to Kenyans wallowing in extreme poverty.

Speaking to Bamba residents in Kilifi on Saturday, Raila said he knew how to get the funds despite claims by political foes that Kenya was broke and could not sustain such a program.

“I know where the money is because I have been in government for five years… I will seal all the loopholes and I will have enough money to give to Kenyans,” he said.

The former prime minister, who jetted back to the country from India on Friday, said India Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to support the program for the benefit of Kenyans.

“I met India’s Prime Minister Modi who said he will put funds in the program to help our youth, all this is to fight poverty,” he said.

Raila recently toured India for benchmarking of the social protection program he plans to execute if he wins the August polls.

His main objective in India was to understand the functionality of the social security system especially for the poor and widows, according to his spokesman Dennis Onyango.

Undeniably, India is among the few countries with a robust social empowerment program that has managed to keep its poor population under a safety plan for years.

“But they say Baba (Raila) is lying to people. The social protection program has worked in India, in some European countries, Egypt, Brazil, among other countries… Those with no salary will get funds from the government.”

Raila said also his administration will focus on fighting corruption, poverty and ensuring better health for all Kenyans.

He said the country is facing economic hardship because those looting public resources have not been dealt with decisively.

The ODM boss, who is on a three-day tour of the Coast, took a swipe at Ruto, questioning where he gets funds that he dishes out in fundraising events, yet he was being paid a salary of Sh2 million a month.

“Ruto earns Sh2 million but he gives out over Sh100 million in fundraising events every month, where does this money come from?” He posed.

According to Raila, DP Ruto had made many promises to Kenyans before, which he had not fulfilled and so he should not be trusted.

The former prime minister promised the residents free education, invent smart agriculture practices, solve water crisis and creation of employment opportunities for Kilifi residents when elected president.

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