Magoha Urges Vigilance To Avert Irregulates During National Exams

Magoha Urges Vigilance To Avert Irregulates During National Exams

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,18TH FEB,2022 Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has called on education and security officials across the country to exercise vigilance during the administration of national exams to guard against leakages and any form of examination malpractices.

“I want to confirm to you this morning that the examination has not leaked and that the first exam shall be seen after it has left the container. There are few of those crooks who are still trying to buy the exams and I want to confirm to you that we shall not be buying our exams,” he said.

The CS warned center managers against plotting on how to steal the exams saying they will be dealt with ruthlessly when caught.

Magoha warned the Ministry of Education will know when examination papers are compromised.

“We shall not be humane when we are dealing with you. What do you think you are doing when you are dealing with two million children and you want to open the exams so that you can compromise their future…We are everywhere and we shall know when you have opened and taken photocopies,” he added.

The Education CS further stated that the duty of opening the examination containers should not be delegated.

“In the event that you are unwell or if there is a very extraneous issue let it be escalated to the very highest level so that we don’t have a situation where we are dealing with a postmortem when the exam has already leaked and the person who was there is not supposed to be there,” he said.

He called on the officials to vet seriously the officials accessing the examination centers to verify their identity.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) CEO David Njengere who also spoke in the event said the council had registered a total of 1,225,507 candidates in 28,316 KCPE examination centers for the 2021 examination year compared to 1,191,752 candidates in 28,467 centers in 2020.

According to Njengere, the new figures was a candidature increase of 33,755 representing 2.75 per cent.

In regards to the KCSE examination, 831,015 candidates were registered in 10,413 centers compared to 752,981 in 10,437 centers in 2020 representing a candidature increase of 78,034 (9.39) per cent.

Njengere said that KCPE centers will be served from 491 distribution centres while KCSE centres will be served from 483 distribution centres.

He added that the council expects a number of challenges due to election campaigns, migration of people from one region to another due to insecurity and terrorism in the country during the examination period.

“Measures have been put in place to ensure that no candidate misses examinations. I wish to appeal to all of you to work together to ensure this is accomplished,” he said.

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