Muranga Governor  Wa Iria says he enjoys a massive support with10mn-Votes from Mt Kenya

Muranga Governor Wa Iria says he enjoys a massive support with10mn-Votes from Mt Kenya

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,14TH FEB,2022-Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria has said he has a solid backing in the 2022 presidential race that is ‘ten million strong’ since he enjoys ‘overwhelming support’ from seven counties within the Mt. Kenya region.

The presidential hopeful dismissed assertions that the 2022 presidential race is a two-horse race as characterized in the political arena, questioning the threshold of a horse in the political duel.

“I don’t know who told people that we have two horses. It’s a narrow and shadow gospel. What qualifies one to be a horse, is it a tail or speed?” he posed.

“Even if I am not a horse, am contesting. I carry the biggest basket of votes in this nation,” said Wa Iria.

As a candidate from Mt Kenya region, Wa Iria believes that among all presidential aspirants including Deputy President William Ruto and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Leader Raila Odinga, he stands a better chance at victory.

“People with 2 million votes cannot be classified as horses and they want to get us out of the game. People want us to forget that we are ten million strong,” he said.

Wa Iria stated that he will not bow out of the State House race as his quest to become the 5th president of the nation was “mandated to him by the forefathers.”

The Murang’a Governor, who intends to vie on Usawa Party ticket, claimed his presidential bid was ‘spiritual’, and he will not bow out from the race. Wa Iria argued his presidential ambitions “will preserve the community (Mt Kenya) from a curse.”

“Am the guardian to the origin of our community. Our great grandfather Gikuyu and Mom Mumbi left me custodian of our graves. No one will be asked if we go wrong, I was left the responsibility. Am preserving the community against a curse,” he said.

He insisted that a formidable candidate from the Mt Kenya region will be on the ballot despite the notion that the region is split between Odinga and Ruto.

“There is no vacuum of leadership in Mt. Kenya region. Am the guardian of the Mt. Kenya vote they should know that. I urge our Mt Kenya bloc to start from home and vote for me and the excess votes we will share out with others and by then I will be in State House,” noted Wa Iria.

The Presidential contender playing his cards close to his chest by maintaining that he will not join the leading coalitions; Kenya Kwanza Alliance and Azimio la Umoja in the August 9th polls.

“My people know it’s a spiritual calling and even if you tell to wake up and vote for me they will. They are persuaded within the framework of the community. Usawa Party is in coalition with voters not any other coalitions,” Wa Iria stated.

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