Muturi: Graft convicts should face death penalty

Muturi: Graft convicts should face death penalty

BY CORRESPONDENT,NAIROBI,12TH FEB,2022-Democratic Party presidential aspirant Justin Muturi has said corruption convicts should be sentenced to death.

Muturi, who is the Speaker of the National Assembly, said if elected his government would make the fight against corruption his top priority.

“Such people (the corrupt), should be taken to a park and the firing squad called in,” Muturi said.

Muturi wondered why corruption cases took so long to conclude, yet graft is the core cause of economic problems the country faces.

Muturi noted the Constitution sets the hearing of a presidential Election dispute to a time frame of 14 days, yet some of the biggest corruption cases never come to a conclusion.

Muturi warned that if elected he would make corruption easy to prosecute by using the Auditor General’s report as a reference point.

Muturi said there was a high cost to development due to corruption.

He also recommended that important public dockets like Health should be fully devolved to the counties to make them more efficient in offering grassroots services.

The Speaker also called on fellow politicians to desist from hurling insults at one another while pretending to preach unity.

“You cannot purport to stand for unity yet every time you stand you call others thieves and other bad words,” Muturi said.

He was speaking at Isinya, Kajiado County where he campaigned for Democratic Party parliamentary aspirant Moses Parantai and also met over 1,000 DP delegates.

He said he stands for accountability among leaders.

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