AfricaCDC calls on Kenyans to get vaccinated as fifth wave ends

AfricaCDC calls on Kenyans to get vaccinated as fifth wave ends

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,10TH FEB,2022-Africa Centers for Disease Control (AfricaCDC) Director Dr. John Nkengasong is appealing to Kenyans to cooperate with the Ministry of Health and get vaccinated as the fifth wave of Covid-19 comes to end.

While noting that the Covid-19 waves will continue to come and go, Dr. Nkengasong hailed Kenya for managing the waves and the experience gained so far which he said was of great importance.

“Mine is to appeal to the Kenyan population to cooperate with the government and get vaccinated so as to diminish the waves,” he said and added, “the combination vaccination and those who have been infected with the virus and got cured will provide a level of immunity that will lead to a situation where the pandemic will be more or less controlled.”

He urged that the government takes advantage of the fact Kenya is now down the peak to increase vaccination “so that the next time there is a peak it will find when there is an increase of antibodies in the community.”

Noting that lockdowns are no longer tenable since various tools are now available to help control transmission, Dr. Nkengasong called on the population to continue observing the Ministry of Health protocols including washing hands with soap and water, keep social distancing as well as wearing facemasks to prevent infections from Covid-19.

Dr.Nkengasong noted that an increase in vaccination will help to increase immunity and help to achieve “a level of equilibrium where you can only have hotspots that can be taken care of effectively.”

He noted that the African Union Heads of State Summit decision to elevate the Africa CDC to autonomous status will now enable the entity to have its own budget and be able to deploy in good time to member states whenever there is an outbreak.

“The ability to move quickly will aid in dealing with situations quickly and more effectively,” said Dr. Nkengasong.

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