Marching orders :Migori County Assembly Speaker Boaz Okoth Impeached

Marching orders :Migori County Assembly Speaker Boaz Okoth Impeached

BY CORRESPONDENT,MIGORI,8TH FEB,2022-Migori County Assembly Speaker Boaz Okoth has been impeached following an impeachment motion tabled by Muhuru Ward Representative Hevrone Mahira.

In the accusations, Mahira cited mismanagement of the county assembly, abuse of office and misconduct as the major grounds for removal of the speaker.

After debate on the floor of the House for over 2 hours, 42 MCA out of the 46 MCAs who attended the sitting presided over by North Kanyamkago MCA George Omamba voted for the impeachment motion.

Two opposed the motion while two abstained.

Supporters of the impeachment motion indicated that the ejection of the speaker would bring sanity to the county assembly.

Those who opposed the motion said the speaker has not been given an opportunity to respond to the allegations leveled against him. 

This comes days after the Speaker was arrested on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, after breaking into the county assembly’s Financeoffice alongside seven other individuals.

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