Kenya Reform Party unveiled on the promise of spearheading a more stable,prosperous kenya

BY KORIR JUMA,NAIROBI,6TH FEB,2022-Production-driven economy and comprehensive economic  reforms in the agricultural, manufacturing and business sectors is resolute and non-negotiable, according to the Kenya Reform Party.

Speaking during the launch of the party, at the party headquarters in Runda Nairobi on Sunday Kenya Reform Party National Chairman Munene Kahiro said Kenya´s envisaged destination will be realized only if the country shifts its focus and embrace the principles of an industry-based economy where the  production of finished goods using locally assembled machines is a priority.

´´As it  is evident in our party’s reform mantra, we are committed to and fully focused on growing jobs, growing industries and jealously guarding the hard earned  wealth which has been the motivating factor. ´´ Said Kahiro.

He said the party seeks to attract all  Kenyans including farmers, workers, the unemployed, business people and  professionals, the youth, special interest groups and cooperatives, and make it  a party of choice.

Adding that: ´´With the sum total of our efforts  in this endeavour culminated in a slogan – KUZA KAZI, KUZA VIWANDA, LINDA  NCHI, our intended paradigm shift will broaden the labour base, increase production,  boost the exportation of finished goods and earn our country the much-needed  foreign exchange.´´

´´We remain persuaded that unless we consciously elect to become a working nation through creating industries and increasing production alongside other  incentives, it will be futile to call upon citizens to feel sufficiently inspired to safeguard our territorial sovereignty and integrity.´´

Kahuro noted that between losing 2 billion shillings to corruption every day and changing people’s mindset, the party will strive to be in a position to create an industrial  culture and transform Kenya into Africa’s number one economic hub.

Kenya Reform Party objectives and  principles 

  • To promote, grow, entrench and sustain a fully production-driven economy,  committed to providing decent and full employment to all Kenyans.
  • Pursue equal rights of participation in universal trade geared towards  creating a more equitable economic and social development regimen for the  benefit of all Kenyans.
  • Promote and advocate for free and universal sharing, acquisition and  transfer of technology across global societies and to promote the  elimination and abolition of technology transfer barriers so as to support  and sustain the advancement towards unrestrained attainment of free, fair,  just and sustainable development globally.
  • ∙ Support and partner with international development organizations and  investors, and support technological skills transfer especially those that aid mass agricultural production, raw materials production and processing  as well as manufacturing of consumer goods.
  • ∙ Mobilize and foster continental, sub-regional and regional unity, cooperation and integration as a way of bolstering Kenya’s economic reforms while  giving priority to a production-driven economic model.
  •  Support, encourage and mobilize County governance and implement  Article 174 (d, f and i) to enable full utilization of resources in the  counties in order to encourage and transform them into Kenya’s industry based economic hubs.
  • ∙ Facilitate, support and ensure that each ward in the counties becomes a  major production hub thus creating decent employment for thousands  of Kenyans.


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