Uhuru to remain leader of Jubilee party even after leaving office

Uhuru to remain leader of Jubilee party even after leaving office

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,4TH FEB,2022-President Uhuru Kenyatta’s will continue leading Jubilee Party even after he vacates office in August 2022.

Jubilee leaders, during their Parliamentary Group (PG) meeting held at State House, on Friday, February, 4, agreed that Uhuru is crucial to the party’s administration prior to and after power transition.

They thus decided that Uhuru will continue serving in his capacity as the party leader after his term as president ends.

A statement by the party after the meeting indicated that the Jubilee Parliamentarians had agreed to partner with “like-minded individuals” who can further Kenyatta’s legacy.

Uhuru was also given powers to negotiate on behalf of the party with leaders who share similar ideologies and lead Jubilee into signing coalition agreements before the August polls.

“The Jubilee Party will seek to get into a coalition with like-minded parties and support a Presidential Candidate with whom we share common ideals, who will treat us with respect, and with whom we can form the next government as an ‘Anchor Partner’, to continue with the work done during the last 10 years,” read part of the statement.

Jubilee Party PG also agreed that Jubilee will add more members to its ranks, rebrand and hurriedly conduct party nominations in preparation for the General Election in August.

According to the statement, Jubilee is looking to have a commanding influence at the Council of Governors, National Assembly and the Senate.

The meeting came two weeks before the Jubilee Party holds its National Delegates Convention which will be conducted on February 25 and 26.

In 2021, President Kenyatta hinted that had did not have plans of going home like his predecessor retired President Mwai Kibaki.

Uhuru stated that he was ready to serve Kenyans in any capacity after his term officially ends in 2022.

Speaking during an interview with Coro FM on Monday, January 18, he reiterated, however, that he would not be seeking to extend his term as he is barred by the Constitution.

“Let’s remain patriotic. Am not interested in power after my retirement, but am ready to serve the country in any capacity,” he stated.

Plans to extend Uhuru’s tenure as Jubilee party leader reportedly contributed to the fallout with his deputy, William Ruto. The DP’s allies objected to having Uhuru as the leader while Ruto was seeking to succeed him as the Head of State.

They argued that the DP’s powers would be clipped and thus resorted to forming the United Democratic Alliance under Ruto’s stewardship.

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