Crime Watch:Mombasa Club Patron Loses Sh596,000 After Being Stupefied

Crime Watch:Mombasa Club Patron Loses Sh596,000 After Being Stupefied

BY CORRESPONDENT,31ST JAN,2022-A man has lost approximately Sh596,000 after he was drugged by a woman, he met at a high-end club in Mombasa.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the victim, who was on business decided to unwind at the club before he met the woman who laced his drink and stole money from his bank accounts.

“After having several drinks alone, the man got attracted to one of Mombasa’s beautiful babes who had swaggered past his table in well calculated strides. Without wasting time, the man who was deeply smitten by her looks beckoned her to join him, before another man laid his eyes on her,” the agency said.

The DCI pointed out that in the early hours of the following day, the victim together with the suspect hailed a cab which dropped them at some serviced apartments, where the man had reserved a room.

“According to the victim, they took a shower before they went back to the room where he took a glass of juice that knocked him out a few minutes later,” the agency said.

It said added that the victim remained unconscious until Sunday afternoon, when the apartment’s steward knocked on his door.

“That’s when he discovered that he had become the latest ‘Mchele’ victim, after he found his mobile phones, laptop, ATM cards and other valuables missing.”

The agency said that its detectives had launched a manhunt for the suspect.

Cases of male revelers falling victim to “mchele” have been witnessed in several parts of the country especially in urban areas as authorities called for vigilance while drinking and partying.

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