COTU’s Benson Okwaro Urges Govt To Rein In Employers Violating Labour Laws

COTU’s Benson Okwaro Urges Govt To Rein In Employers Violating Labour Laws

BY CORRESPONDENT,NAIROBI,30TH JAN,2022- The Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) has called upon the national government to rein in employers who disobey labor laws in the country.

COTU Deputy Secretary General Benson Okwaro, who addressed journalists in Kisumu on Sunday, said workers in the country are facing a myriad of challenges caused by lack of respect to the labour laws.

Okwaro said the government as the biggest employer in the country should ensure every employer, especially international investors, stick to the laws governing employment in the country.

“We are asking the government to rein in employers who see it as good enough to frustrate Kenyan workers,” he said.

He said the governments of the foreign investors frustrating Kenyan workers could not allow similar happenings in their countries.

“Why does the Kenyan government allow its workers to be frustrated by foreigners just because of investments?” he asked.

In his press conference at Tom Mboya Labour College in Kisumu, Okwaro said the COTU has been steadfast in pushing the government to enforce laws that guard the labour sector in the country.

He said their complaints have gone unheard as workers continue to work under very disturbing conditions.

Okwaro accused some politicians for blaming the Union for the state of poor working conditions noting that the Union does not possess enforcement orders.

“For some time, we have made a lot of complaints about the role the government plays in protection of workers but it appears they have abdicated their roles,” he said.

Okwaro noted that the country has very progressive laws that govern the labour sector but sadly they are not enforced.

He said the labour laws, the latest having been enacted in 2007, have been ignored by the employers since the government has failed to use its enforcement agencies to see the work for Kenyans.

“I want to take this time to plead to the Kenyan government through the Ministry of Labour, that they have to wake up and protect the Kenyan workers,” he said.

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