Rufftone Makes U-Turn in Brother’s Machete Attack Claim

Rufftone Makes U-Turn in Brother’s Machete Attack Claim

BY JOAN WANJIKU,NAIROBI,27TH JAN,2021-Gospel musician Roy Smith Mwatia, popularly known as Rufftone, has issued a clarification after a statement he made on a TV interview regarding his brother Daddy Owen, formally Owen Mwatia, went viral.In the interview, Rufftone had allegedly stated that he was accosted with a matchete by his brother after the two differed politically during the controversial 2007 presidential elections.

In a sit-down with Citizen TV on Thursday, January 27, the celebrated singer, however, noted that his statement was taken out of context and distorted.He explained that he used his brother Daddy Owen as an example to show how politics can affect a family unit, denying that the incident actually ever happened. Nairobi Senatorial aspirant Rufftone, formally Roy Smith Mwatia, (right) and his brother Daddy Owen.File “I am sorry for what I said. I take full responsibility. As a Christian, a husband and a leader, that was quite unfortunate to say.”I am a newbie as far as political platforms are concerned.

This is my first time vying. You have known me to be a gospel musician. Switching to a political arena, as of yesterday, that was my first national political platform on TV. As a beginner, I ask Kenyans to forgive me,” he explained.Rufftone further indicated that he made the comment out of pressure that was espoused while the show was being televised.”There was too much pressure around the show.

When I said Daddy Owen chased me around with a machete, I think it was an illustration that spun out of control. The reason why I roped in Daddy Owen is because I wanted Kenyans to realise that politics can actually infiltrate families. I used the example because that is what people understand the best.”Daddy Owen has been inclined to ODM and I had subscribed to PNU, and we won the election.

He was quite furious. When I said the machete, I meant he was really hurt,” he added.Owen, who was present during the interview, concurred with his brother noting that he understood the pressure around the show and in the political arena in general.He further refuted any claims that he chased Rufftone with a machete but admitted that he was angered by ODM loss.”I was very partisan in politics long time ago. I was very passionate.

In 2007, that is where my passion died off. I stopped being over-partisan. Since that time, I view politics as something that will come and go.”When ODM lost I was so disappointed but what I know is I never carried a panga and have never been violent because of politics.

I think the brother was just under pressure and he had to give an illustration using my name. I have never been a violent guy,” he explained.Rufftone is contesting for the Nairobi Senatorial seat under the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party. File image of Roy Smith Mwatia, alias Rufftone. died

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