Mudavadi blames government for economic blunders  that have hurt kenyans

Mudavadi blames government for economic blunders that have hurt kenyans

BY JAON WANJIKU,NAIROBI,23RD JAN,2022-ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has taken a swipe at president Uhuru Kenyatta for the economic hardships and asked Kenyans to reject his preferred successor.

Speaking during his presidential bid launch at Bomas of Kenya on Sunday, Mudavadi said Kenya is broke and in bad economic shape because of bad debt and ‘thieves’.

“How can we be proud that the government has bankrupted themselves and the people. How can we accept to live on our knees,” he said.

“Kenya is at a dangerous crossroad. The government is suffocating the goose that lays the golden egg.”

Mudavadi said Kenyans are burdened because a few people do not pay taxes and are behind mega corruption.

“They don’t pay taxes. They are the biggest burden Kenyans have to carry. We must reject their political projects and their sinister schemes in this year’s elections,” he said.

He added” I refuse to board. I will not be lying to Kenyans. I will not board a train of lies .”

He said Kenyans are fed up with the inaction of government agencies.

He named the Yala saga and trapped miners as some if instances government had failed to act upon.

“Where are the handshake partners?. Why should we line up next to the president to beg for development” he added.

Mudavadi acknowledged the presence of Deputy president William Ruto, Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetangula and legislators during the party NDC.

He however didn’t mention Wiper party leader Kalonzo musyoka and Kanu chairman Gideon Moi who arrived at the venue and left shortly afterwards.

Mudavadi said the country is now hostage to robber barons.

“Those who should care are engrossed in political self-preservation, and grand corruption in government. If we do not create jobs for the youth and generate wealth, our country will explode,” he said.

“If leaders have lost trust, or are untrustworthy, then they have lost all the flavour of the salt of leadership. As we close in to the critical moment when Kenyans must decide, I caution Kenyans. Beware those who can never be trusted.”

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