Itumbi explains what transpired during his abduction and torture

Itumbi explains what transpired during his abduction and torture

 BY CORRESPONDENT,NAIROBI,13TH JAN,2022-Dennis Itumbi who works for Deputy President William Ruto as a Digital strategist has spoken out in detail about his kidnapping ordeal two weeks ago.

Itumbi was kidnapped from Kiambu’s Thindigua area after an appointment with his barber before he was bundled into a salon car and driven away.

He was later found dumped naked in Lucky Summer after being tortured.

“The Hit Squad that operates in fear of being seen, being exposed or being pointed out in public, had long dropped the Premio that had picked me at Thindigua, outside a Barbershop and at this time the SIX men had taken turns in beating me with what felt like hammers and related crude weapons,” Itumbi said.

The social media guru claimed that his kidnappers warned that they would kill him if he dared scream.

“Sikiza wewe, hatujakuua…lakini ukipiga nduru tutarudi tukumalize….” the lead Rogue Police Officer warned me. Itumbi said in his Facebook account.

He pointed out that it was raining heavily at the time of his alleged abduction adding that his abductors were driving in a convoy of two vehicles.

He claimed that his kidnappers demanded that he changes his political stand to “match that of the BOSS”

He further revealed that he was met with silence when he asked his kidnappers who the “Boss” was revealing that he responded to them by telling them that he will not change his political belief through force and threats.

He added that the abductors then proceed to slap him and tightened his handcuffs.

Itumbi said that upon his release the driver who rescued him first took him to his house and offered him clothes and bedsheets before rushing him to Neema Uhai Mission Hospital.

Itumbi stated that he was not aware of his location at the time of his release until he asked the driver.

Itumbi’s abduction elicited mixed reactions amongst a section of leaders and Kenyans who demand answers from the state.

In a joint statement read by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, Ruto’s allies said they will write to the UN Special rapporteur regarding alleged abductions and disappearances in the country.

“It is a matter of tremendous sorrow for us to witness the return of the horrors of the darkest point of Kenya’s autocratic regime, which we believed to be gone for good. It is important to note that abductions, arbitrary detention, torture and other forms of state-sponsored terror and harassment have made their big come-back. We condemn this policy of backsliding into retrogressive, savage and intolerable political and administrative measures,” Kihika said.

The leaders appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to launch an inquiry into the existence of kill squads within security agencies.

“We demand an impartial and independent investigation and President to constitute a commission of inquiry into the existence of a criminal squad targeting political players,” the leaders said.

No suspect has been arrested over the kidnapping which Itumbi blamed on Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi and Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai over his stinging social media posts.

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